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2407: The Black Tribe

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, the death of Micheal K Williams, TX voter suppression law, TX abortion law, Police aren’t quitting, Lil Uzi Vert’s diamond ripped out, Time’s Up turnover, Kanye West homeware, Facebook AI labels Black men as primates, Tyler Perry wigs, Dog The Bounty Hunter n-word excuse, Nia DaCosta makes history, man shoots a women while holding a baby, 911 operator on the run, man fakes being hit by Tesla and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I thought how you pointed out how people reacted to the Michael k Williams news on social media was very insightful. I didn’t even know he’d died until I saw it on Instagram because someone posted a pic of him and how much he’d be missed. By that time the media had barely announced his death and yet all on
    my timeline there were all these celebrities posting pics of themselves with Michael. Like damn where did you find these pics so quickly. It’s almost like people post pics of themselves with the deceased just to prove they knew him. Maybe I’m reading more into it. Admittedly I’ve posted my share of celebrities who have passed and I think maybe it’s also a way to connect with others fans.

  2. Dia

    I just reread my comment and I didn’t like my sentence structure. Curse of my profession.

    When I said where are the Tuskegee comparisons I didn’t mean you and Karen. I meant those researchers on social media.

  3. Dia

    On the coronavirus story about the doctor giving jail inmates ivermectin…
    Where are the Tuskegee comparisons? This is actually closer to the Tuskegee Experiment than the ones given by those in opposition to the vaccine–withholding the actual vaccine and giving snake oil instead.

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