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2406: Oodles of Noodles

Rod and Karen are joined by writer / comedian / podcaster Rae Sanni to discuss her new podcast, reality TV shows, her upcoming stand up show, writing for TV shows, moving back to NYC, dealing with social media discussing your work, parasocial relationships, socialism as a grift and how much we love Rae!

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  1. EvieE

    It was nice hearing Rae Sanni on the show again. I have a love hate relationship with reality television. I refuse to watch any reality television where people can get voted off or eliminated like Survivor, Bachelor or Big Brother because the black people always get cut first and I contribute it to racism. I don’t need that stress.

    But I do love me some Love after Lockup and 90 Day fiancé because it’s a hot ass mess. You should check love after lockup out because it’s a bunch of ghetto and trailer park shenanigans. And half those people on the show end up back in prison. It’s a good time.

    • EvieE

      I would like to make an amendment on my comment. Shortly after I wrote this I saw an article on Twitter about this season of Big Brother and how white fans are screaming reverse racism because BB cast six black people this season and all six of them made it to the final six by forming a secret black alloy called The Cookout. In the prior 22 seasons there has never been a black winner. But the whites are still big mad about it. I will binge this season and this season alone to see them vote all the white people out. If that’s racist, I don’t give a fuck.

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