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2420: BlackPeopleMeat.com

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. mizzbarnes

    This episode of TWD took some years off of my life!!! This was more harrowing than the cave episode!!! That cave episode still has my chest tight AF!

    This episode was sooooo good. A good horror movie feel. The realest part of that episode was when it went quite. That ramped up the nerves even more because this is Connie’s world. Thank God she put her hands on the wall to feel what the fuck was going.
    OMG – did you hear that savage mutant tell Virgil that they was hongry? That shit gave me chills and creeps!

    In the meantime……how many times did I say ‘dis nigga’………

    Virgil can take his best open toe shoes and kick rocks. I thought this fool was really going to stab Connie . This would be the fool that gets bit, dies, comes back and bites another walker, thinking that he bit a human…..that’s ya boy…smdh.

    Anyhoo, this can easily be my favorite Walking Dead episode.

    Thank you Rod and Karen for the spot on recap!

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