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2425: Better Call Hornsby

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. EvieE

    I still think Hornsby and Stephanie may be using the new combers as possible recruiters for some type of resistance. Considering what a weak punk Sebastian Milton is I bet the Miltons are easy to manipulate but they have a lot of people believing in this hierarchy out of gratitude so Hornsby has to be methodical. I don’t one hundred percent trust him but I see him going for a power grab.

    You were right about Rick’s crew attacking first. Technically. Sasha, Abe and Daryl were ambushed by Timmy the dick and his crew and Daryl shot them with a bazooka. Negan had no idea who they were at that point. It wasn’t until Rick and his crew not only fkilled all those people in their sleep, but attacked another one of Negan’s satellites (that was the episode when Carol went Rambo) that Negan found out about them through Gregory.

    I think everyone views themselves as the hero in their own stories. Imagine if the show followed the saviors from the beginning. We would hate Rick and his crew. Maggie has become just as bad as Negan was, justifying her bad behavior to make herself a good guy. At least Negan is honest.

    Die Maggie die

    • EvieE

      Also Maggie should have just said the reason she won’t forgive Negan is that he killed Glenn. She doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else. Die

  2. Blk_Caesar21

    Hear me out…Maggie might have done some evil shit to the Reapers. It’s clear they have history and how wild would it be in all her self righteousness, you find out she went full Negan/Lucille on the Reapers some time ago. She’s been open about doing awful shit on the road with Hershel. As crazy as Pope is, what if he came to lead because Maggie burned their shit down a while back and the Reapers went full on “let’s vote for Trump, what do we have to lose?” Could the Reapers have been the good guys this whole time? Also, Maggie could hate Negan because he reminds her of how much of a hypocrite she really is and deep down she knows he’s right about how they need to move. She can’t let her hatred of the Reapers go…Why else would she encourage Gabe to kill any of them he has an opportunity to? That ain’t the Alexandria way…anyway, I’ll put the blunt down and take off my tinfoil hat. Love y’all niggas and love the show…

  3. mizzbarnes

    The Commonwealth has a real ’80’s feel to it. From Yumiko’s hardcore shoulder pads to Saul Goodman’s suit, it’s alot of ’80’s going on here. Even Mercer, my chocolate king, and the army reminding me of the group, Devo…..they just need the plastic hats and electronic synthesizers. I will say that Hornsby aka Saul Goodman is really hiding his intentions and shit.

    It’s not lost on me that Maggie and the crew are leading Negan and Gabe and the hoard to the general direction of the Reapers. I just need to know what Maggie did that so egregious that the 3 percenter, Pope has her marked? I know that story will be ALOT.

    Thank you Rod and Karen for the spot on recap as always!

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