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BDS 416: No Hands

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Urban Meyer in the club, Andrew Wiggins got the shot, WNBA players suspended after fight video leaks, Sage Steele suspended, Bomani Jones gets show on HBO, MJ donating to BLM orgs, Bubba Wallace wins race, Cole Beasley being stupid, former NASCAR driver killed attacking his ex, Unvaccinated NBA players in Canada could face jail, 18 NBA players caught in defrauding ring, Marcus Maye arrest, Kyrie Irving, Big Papi shooter killed, Terrelle Pryor arrested again, NFLPA split over DeMaurice Smith, Fuck Ben Simmons chant, Stephen A mad at Lebron, AI wants to be a part of the 6ers and Uh Oh These Niggas Fighting!


  1. rodimusprime

    Gday everyone

    The nets don’t need to worry about having kyrie when they have the real Aussie point god Patty Mills now. They add some green & gold to the jersey & Patty will give em 30 a night.

    There must be something up with these Aussie NBA guys born in Melbourne. Kyrie & Ben are something right now.


  2. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and Jay Gruden,

    The crazy thing about the Gruden emails to me is seeing black men defend him and not just NFL players. Which led me to believe if the racist stuff wasn’t said then I think a lot of black men would not have had a issue with any of it. Because a lot of them agree with it. Also interesting was how many black men tried to say he got fired for the homophobia and not the racism. When it was mainly from what I’ve seen black men defending him. Also what is the rules on this time shit. Josh Allen or some white player says some racist shit at 15 and we supposed to hold it against them but Jon Gruden who was a grown ass man 10 years ago gets a pass? I do hope DeMaurice Smith gets the rest of the emails brought to the light. But we know the NFL will always do what’s easy and never what’s right and just let Gruden be the fall guy for their toxic culture. And Kyrie out here Kyring. This dude stay looking for causes that don’t need a cause. I wish the NBA had a voice of reason instead of us always hearing from the crazy niggas. But as always love the show. Also side note have you checked out the 15 Minutes of Shame documentary produced by Monica Lewinsky. It’s real good.


  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J Gruden,

    I hope all is well.

    When did y’all first learn that white people don’t know how to act in company emails? Cuz good *goddamn* they be wilding.

    It really looked like Perk and Richard Jefferson were gonna the “And If’n There Is, I Ain’t Seent None” Chuck N Jive tag team champions for defending Rachel Nichols, but BAH GAWD KING, THAT’S PASTOR PEANUTHEAD AND THE EYETALIAN STALLION’S MUSIC! Defending a white woman who got caught pulling the tired “such n such only got that job cuz Affirmative Action” trope is flat the fuck out indefensible but white people been using for like 30 years. These two coconut-looking headed niggas got on TV to defend John Gruden when all they knew was he said DeMaurice Smith had lips like a Michelin tire, which is some racism being pulled outta the *1930s*.

    Then again, what in those emails would either of Mr. Planter’s break baby or Don Coonleone object to? Gruden complained about Goddell pressuring the Rams into drafting “queers”; that’s quite literally Tony Dungy’s ministry (shouts out to hate group Focus on the Family, who Dungy is tight with). And those topless Washington cheerleader pics? Never forget, when Matt Lauer got fired folks were wondering how the fuck Tirico kept his job. Also, Bruce Allen and Gruden having those pictures is probably criminal, right?

    And Gruden quitting his job on National Coming Out Day? After what he said about Michael Sam in them emails? Whatever that chef kiss sound is, it goes here.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the dope content,


  4. rodimusprime

    Hi Karen, Rod and Justin:

    I don’t do sports except for Bron, Lewis and Serena, but I listen for the sports gossip and your insights which sound spot-on and of course funny. I can always count on you guys to expound on a sports story or topic that has the timeline in a tizzy or in the general news feed.

    I had to pause to write in because when Rod said: “let me just delete some of these sports articles. That’s enough sports”, I cackled!
    This is why I listen to you guys.
    Cause I truly don’t give a shit about the intricacies of sports and it makes your show so much easier to digest and entertaining.

    I save PGS and BDS for Mondays to start my week off with some levity.

    Stay healthy,

    SugaBabe in Montreàl

  5. fyahworks

    Hey Rod, Karen, and jelipe Hernandez

    So a mls player, decide it was ok to pull a Pete rose! The result was suspended without pay for the rest of the season! I hope he won them bets!

    Speaking of without pay! Kyrie is willing to lose about 15 million this season, to not play over getting the vaccine! It shows negativity sells in the media. If 95% of the nba players and staff have the vaccine, why not push that narrative to possibly entice more people to get the jab? Instead we focus on Kyrie and Bradley Beal and at one time Andrew Wiggins! Question, what happens with the money Kyrie is basically forfeited?

    Derek Carr has decided to wait till the end of the season to have contract talks! Has he not learned from dak? Get that money while it’s on the table! There’s no telling in a dangerous sport such as football what can happen and you can lose out on a big pay day! Derek also said “ I love the man but I hate the sin” in regards gruden! Which is no different from Trevor Lawrence saying he had urban meyer back last week! Watch whiteness work!

    Before I go…. Gruden called demaurice smith Michelin tire lips, Michelin tire lips? Just call them niggaz …..

    Appreciate the shows

    Keep the fire blazing

    Fyahworks out

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jyrie Irving,

    I’m sure y’all heard about this latest Kyrie pivot to being a “voice for the voiceless” nonsense. When I saw Shams article about it I was sure most of the folks are n sports media would call this clown out for the fraud he is on this subject. Kyrie did a whole ass media day claiming his decision to not get the vaccine is a personal, private decision we should all respect. But once he started getting heat and it seems that his homie, KD, isn’t in his corner, he is pivoting into being some type of spokesperson for the anti-vaxxers. An Anti-Valcolm X if you will.

    I was watching brother from another Tuesday and Wednesday and Michael Holley’s perspective was particularly troubling to me. On Tuesday they had a writer on discussing the Gruden stuff and the Kyrie news. Holley posed a question to the writer basically asking that despite their disagreement with Kyrie’s stance, isn’t it admirable or if the writer had respect for Kyrie for standing on his principles despite the cost? The writer, David Gardner, said No. Then he explained that a lot of people that are dead wrong in our society have principles and just because you have principles you’re willing to sacrifice shit for, doesn’t mean it’s something to be respected. He then equated Kyrie’s principled stance to that of a white nationalist, who have principled stance of maintaining white supremacy. Holley was shocked and taken aback.

    In Wednesday Holley and our guy Michael Smith discussed this topic again and Holley went of the somewhat incoherent ramble about how not all anti-vaxxers are the same and that some believe in Covid and are taking the precautions but just don’t want the vaccine. He somewhat places Kyrie in this box, although it was unclear. But we know Kyrie isn’t out here taking precautions and if likely lying about not being anti-vaccine. He also stated that Kyrie, through sources, is providing a second dimension to a one dimensional conversation. The Gawd Michael Smith broke down each of these arguments in a reasonable way, pointing out the flaws in each.

    I attached the video if y’all wanna listen or play it, thanks for letting a brother vent a bit,



  7. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jurban Meyer. I bet he was relieved at about 6pm this past Friday to see his face being removed from the summer jam screen, thanks to Jon Gruden. The Gruden situation made me think of ppl supporting Chappelle’s standup. Because on Friday I saw numerous niggas saying what he said was not that racist or he should not be fired for it. Then Monday came along and the reports of the slurs he said about Gooddell and him lobbying for Michael Sam to be blackballed. And all of a sudden the same people start saying he resigned only because LGBTQ ppl are offended now. While Ignoring the fact they said he shouldn’t be fired for making a racist joke a few days ago; and also removing Michael Sam’s blackness to fit there homophobic agenda. It’s disingenuous too because it ignores the shit he said about Obama, Kaep, Eric Reid, and women. It leads me to believe they’re being willfully ignorant and they don’t read. And the whole it’s forgiven cause he said it 11 years ago is bullshit considering he has never atoned for it, there’s no evidence he has put in the work to address his racist beliefs, and he took no accountability for those emails saying he did not remember sending those.
    Love the show as always peace

  8. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod,Karen and Justin

    Yea it’s been a while I’ve just been working and taking care of these kids man it’s a lot of work

    To explain my teams I grew up in New Orleans so I’ve always been a Saints fan since the 0-17 days and Joe Horn pulling a cellphone out the end zone and having a whole party because we made the playoffs

    We didn’t have a basketball ball so we got everyone’s games and I was a fan of KG and Pooh Richardson (his name was just funny to me) so I was a fan since 95. I was always aware of the pelicans but I mean they didn’t do nothing so I was just watching to keep up with sports. My dad was in the military so I lived in upstate NY as well as a kid as well and we only got Mets games on tv. I WAS a fan but the last few years they been on some other shit no longer a fan. However I am a fan of y’all hockey team the Carolina Hurricanes

    Be cool,
    Bryan Cole

  9. Darienfoxx

    What up y’all.

    At first I thought the nets would be quick to trade Kyrie, and who knows, maybe they will by the time you read this. BUT. I imagine the nets front office was all looking at each other and one brave soul had the guts to say what everybody in the room was thinking. Kyrie only plays half the games every season anyway. He stay injured. At least this way, they won’t have to pay him for half of those games. Resting at home games might even make sure he’s available for the playoffs. Hell, if it were me I’d even petition the NBA to give me an extra $20million in cap space. For the money I’m not paying him Call it the “dumb nigga exception.”

    Love the show as always!

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