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TTM 81: Pressure, Okay?!

Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    First and foremost I didn’t believe Issa and Nathan are still really feeling each other like that man even by the end of the episode it felt mad forced. The way Nathan talked to his boys about Issa in that car kind of showed me his true feelings for Issa . I just want the guys on this show to work on their communication skills when they are in or pursuing a relationship on this show.

    Also Nathan you need to speak up and tell your cousin what is going on with you nigga, I initially wanted to get mad at his cousin and wife but if they were never given that information about Nathan’s bipolar diagnosis can you really blame them for their reaction. I wish all this kind of info about Nathan had already been presented in previous seasons instead on this final one.

    Kelli and Reesha connection was hilarious and cracked me up the whole episode. Also Bassey please if you feel comfortable sharing why Jason Derulo is your nemesis? I have been wanting to know forever hahahahahaha

    Thanks again


  2. Vinylcollectors

    Hey Rod and Bassey! Thanks so much for such an indepth review of Pressure, Okay? I am a single mom and was similarly triggered by it all and will admit that I felt some kinda way about Lawrence moving away to take that job just because I KNOW with an infant you can only be so involved if you live so far away. It’s just facts. But loved your review. On a more important note I have a Bassey level prediction that hit me when I was listening to your review! What if Insecure ends the exact same way as that montage that seemed like a daydream sequence at the end of Season 2. You know, the one where Lawrence comes to The Dunes one last time and they end their relationship and as they’re saying goodbye Issa dreams about her and Lawrence proposing, them getting married, living married life and being happy with a little chocolate drop. What if that ends up being more than daydream but her actual happy ending (with the chocolate drop being Elijah). I think that would be so cool if the Insecure writers brought it full circle like that with what seemed like at the time (Season 2) a bittersweet “what if” at the end of their relationship becoming their actual happy ending. Just putting it out there.

  3. The.Shay.Dee.Dame

    I’m so glad that you guys are back!!! I haven’t watched This is Us since Rona made life just too effing real to also deal with The Pearsons and their various (mostly self-inflicted) wounds. So, THANK YOU for giving me such a long recap every week of Insecure. Lol, it makes it feel like the episodes themselves are a lot longer than the tiny little 30 minutes that HBO throws at us

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