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Rod and Karen discuss taking days off from the show to avoid burn out, Coronavirus News, Astroworld Festival tragedy, Chris Pratt controversy, Kanye West interview on Drink Champs, McDonald’s CEO racist comments, Soho Karen trial, Louisiana Black hair law and sword ratchetness.

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  1. sakurapendragon

    Hey Karen and Rod, Thank you for putting into words what Ive felt about the Chris Pratt situation. I’ve only been really active on Twitter for a few years. And I always remember when flying monkey syndrome(?) was discussed on the podcasts so I check my self before joining pile ons. This is such an unnecessary use of energy and I see the same thing happening with Will and Jada smh.


    I’m like you, Rod, with this stupid performative hate of Chris Pratt. I mean, the worst or best Chris game was funny for a bit, but people are taking their disdain for the dude too far. You mentioned actors who’ve had fuck ups inside the MCU, be it prior, during or even after their runs. For instance, I love Robert Downey Jr. & his Tony Stark run, but he rarely gets a peep thrown at him for his friendship to Mel Gibson. Matter of fact, for much of the hell raised on Pratt, RDJ took a photo with George W. Bush & Laura Bush. It was many years ago before his career resurgence & he was in a magazine that dealt with coming back into the limelight. Never comes up, though. Doesn’t even come up that he’s an Independent, essentially. He was a liberal awhile back, but not now. Or that he was on an episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2020, promoting the movie Dolittle. Nobody sends those pitchforks at William Hurt, Josh Brolin, T. I., Samuel Jackson, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Cate Blanchett, etc. You already mentioned Zoe Saldana & Chris Hemsworth, so I won’t rehash those, but those people I’ve named have drug battles, domestic violence settlements, etc on their resume. No one cares & all Pratt does is work & keep to himself. A lot of our favorite actors since the beginning of the profession weren’t leftists & we never stopped watching their shit, but I gotta stop watch Wanted, because Pratt’s in it with Angelina Jolie & James McAvoy? Or stop watching Glengarry Glen Ross because it’s written by a Republican in David Mamet & has Alec Baldwin in it? People truly need a hug & a hobby.

  3. alycecoleman@gmail.com

    There is one other industry where people are allowed to operate without knowing how to work on Black people: tattoos! I had one ofay artist who turned me away when she saw I was Black, and she refused to return my deposit.

  4. EvieE

    I didn’t know astroworld was a place and I am not familiar with any of Travis Scott’s music mainly because I’m old . The extent of my knowledge about him is that he’s a rapper, he had a McDonald’s meal and he dates Kylie Jenner. But when I went on Twitter I saw a lot of people bringing up his baby and Kylie Jenner, I honestly think people are so mad because of who his baby mama is. I don’t know if Travis is the huge piece of shit they claim he is but these comments have been so out of pocket.

    I thought I was the crazy one from the way people go after Chris Pratt. He’s like the male Gina Rodriguez, he just breathes and people are like fuck you. Other than following Candace Owens he really hasn’t done anything offensive in my opinion. I didn’t see anything wrong with the post about his daughter. Who doesn’t want a healthy baby?

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