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2445: Cuffing Season And Trapping Season

Rod and Karen discuss social media information overload, listener feedback on Travis Scott and Bernie Sanders, Coronavirus News, increase in pregnancy test sales, Americans think Facebook is making society worse, Macy’s increasing pay, Meatflation, Kellogg’s giving employees extra leave, Baby Shark torture, teacher goes on conspiracy diatribe, dishwasher use, Election news, medical student disguises himself to attack woman, scammer frees lover from jail, woman points gun at trick-or-treater and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Meat is expensive as fuck and I love beef. But on the bright side a lot of people aren’t buying as much meat so I figured out when the grocery store puts the meat on sale before it goes bad. That’s when I buy it. I have no shame.

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