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TTM 82: Faulty, Okay?!

Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. jmmutore

    Hi, Rod and Bassey. So glad y’all came back to cover Insecure S5–you two are the best pros covering Insecure and Atlanta on this here Internet. I neglected to rewatch the series before this season started, so thanks for reminding me just how bad Issa and Molly had fallen out last year, because the way this new season started off, they were acting so chummy I had forgotten they had literally come to blows at Issa’s block party. Now that we’re halfway through Season 5, it’s pretty clear the show is done with the Issa-Molly beef plotline, which is a shame because this show is usually so good at allowing relationships to naturally unfold, and presenting the work required to repair broken relationships. They really just let Issa and Molly get back together off-screen, which they definitely wouldn’t have tried with Issa and Lawrence or Issa and Nathan.

    In the end, it comes down to lack of time. I think Issa Rae and Prentice Penny called it too early by ending the show on Season 5. I don’t normally say this about shows, but they could have easily stretched this out to 6 or 7 seasons, especially with these short ep. lengths. But I completely understand if Issa needed to secure the bag with her other ventures. Rod, you’re definitely on to something with that Insecure movie somewhere down the line.

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