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2448: Jail Customer Service

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, LGBTQ News, Election News, White People News, Red Beard Burglar, wife defrauds husband, man chokes cop and sword ratchetness.

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  1. bamil73

    I have a complaint for the Department of Puns. When Rod was reading the story about the rocker peeing on the fan, a line in the article read “the department received a notification on the facebook account about the URINARY INFRACTION”. I’m shocked and appalled that you let that pun on “urinary infection” just FLOW past you. Is it because you’re only doing two shows a week, a mere TRICKLE of your usual output, that there’s no steady STREAM of puns? Are you prepared to FLUSH years of pun goodwill down the drain? Now, it’s not my intention to write an e-PISS-tle, but I had to let my opinions known. As much as I love the show, I won’t CARRY-YOUR-WATER.

    AAAAAAAOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! Won’t be fooled agaaaaiiiin!


  2. think_p_smart

    Wussup! In the matter of DC lifting the mask mandate for indoor spaces, yes, the city has a pretty high vaccine rate as do many of the surrounding areas. We are unique in that DC can’t really only look at local rates because there is so much travel between DC, MD, and VA. So while she is dropping the DC mask mandate, nearby jurisdictions are returning to their mask mandates.

    Further, DC has a lot of American tourists who can get on airplanes without having to prove vaccination status because they fly within the US. Those people come to the area daily. I’m far less concerned about people entering the country because ANYONE entering the US must have to have negative test results.

    PS Thanks for not doing a show Wednesday to give ME time to catch up…or to go to the sportsball game.

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