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PG 312: Dot Store

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss Justin being late, a sketchy shoe website, technical echo glitches in the chat, Elevation Church, Landmark, new Hornets seats, Black podcast stats, Karen’s job, Instagram Reels class,  Podcast resources, making it through the second round, podcast recommendations, listener feedback and news.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen, and JTril

    Ive been catching up with Curb! I am only a season behind. I even got my husband to watch the show. He said Larry was annoying. But now he gets the show. He said Larry is kinda right.

    JUSTIN!!! I want to thank you! I’ve been dealing with annoying coworkers and when you found a new job I decided that I should do the same. No one has time to deal with crazy people at work and their issues. I am excited to say that I start my new role on Monday! I am now the Technical Project Manager. I have a HUGE pay increase and no more dealing with my annoying, white Karen of a coworker. LOL

    Lastly… Rod… I didn’t think when you retweeted my tweet about the Menendez brothers that I would have to justify why two people who shot and killed their parents should be in jail. Your blue check mark ANGERS people. I had to remember what you always said. Some of these accounts are bots and dont be arguing with them LOL. I literally ended the back and forth with some random twitter account with ok you’re right. I honestly don’t care that much about the Menenedez brothers to be arguing with people if they are misunderstood victims of abuse and need to be free. But I do hope that we get an American Crime Story about them! Now that will be so good.

    Love the show! Peace


  2. fyahworks

    Greetings to my peeps!

    Just wanted to say I just renewed my contract with tbgwt premium for another year! It’s worth every penny and them some!

    Hope the holidays were good for you all.

    I just wanna give a shout-out to my son whose birthday is today (Dec 1) he turned 13, so I got a teenager on my hands!

    Lastly did you guys see or start true story on Netflix? I saw one episode, and I must say it’s a different side of Kevin hart, Wesley snipes is also in it!

    Look forward to another year of quality shows.

    Thank you for the african American Friday sale!

    You guys rock

    Have a good weekend

    Fyahworks out!

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi y’all

    I just wanted to know if Rod is still watching The Morning Show on Apple TV? I feel like I’m the only one watching and it’s so good!


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