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TTM 83: Surviving, Okay?!

Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod & Bassey

    I screamed at those imagined moments of Issa literally doing the baby like that meme of shooting the baby in the air like a basketball! That so damn hilarious and I still can’t believe Prentice and them put that in there but it worked. Issa imaging Condola saying “Lawrence dick grew two inches and his stroke game got better after he proposed to her had me lmao and that damn roundhouse kick …hahahaha!

    All I got for Molly is that it’s ok to be vulnerable for a moment Molly … like goddamn! YOUR MOM IS IN THE HOSPITAL AFTER HAVING A SECOND STROKE … YOU FUCKING WEIRDO !!!! DAMN MY JOB – if that’s my mom but HEY that’s just me , I’m going to be at the hospital- just saying. Also Fuck Krenshawn Angel’s weirdo ass too – he was acting like a fucking child this episode- definitely giving Ralph Angel energy lol.

    Finally Nathan … this muthafucka…. sir will you please learn to communicate with someone whether it be his coworkers , Issa or hell even just breaking the fourth wall and talk to the damn camera, speak up for yourself by telling somebody what’s going on with you , like say something , FUUUCK!! Also shoutout to Prentice and them showing again that – Nathan isn’t the one for Issa ! #TeamLissa let’s go ! Lol

    Thanks yall

  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Bassi,

    I’m enjoying the show and I’m also curious about where they are talking us, but just on a surface level.

    I want to know what Bassi wants to see here on out since she feels like they’re going nowhere. I’m not hating I’m just curious because I’m not understanding the hate (kinda).


    • blakwidohwheniwanna

      Bassey is killing me w the Nathan hate. 😀 I swear I might upgrade my subscription just to take part in the chat. I like Nathan only bc he has bipolar, med compliant & navigating interpersonal relationships & not a nutjob how mental illness is usually portrayed on TV. His highs aren’t so over the top & the lows are off camera. They really are doing a great with that.. He deserves a win…maybe because I’m a BPII person that struggles & am projecting…but whatever…Bassey give Nathan Nanceford DaLightSkinned a mickeyfickey break

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi, Rod and Bassey. So glad y’all came back to cover Insecure S5–you two are the best pros covering Insecure and Atlanta on this here Internet. I neglected to rewatch the series before this season started, so thanks for reminding me just how bad Issa and Molly had fallen out last year, because the way this new season started off, they were acting so chummy I had forgotten they had literally come to blows at Issa’s block party. Now that we’re halfway through Season 5, it’s pretty clear the show is done with the Issa-Molly beef plotline, which is a shame because this show is usually so good at allowing relationships to naturally unfold, and presenting the work required to repair broken relationships. They really just let Issa and Molly get back together off-screen, which they definitely wouldn’t have tried with Issa and Lawrence or Issa and Nathan.

    In the end, it comes down to lack of time. I think Issa Rae and Prentice Penny called it too early by ending the show on Season 5. I don’t normally say this about shows, but they could have easily stretched this out to 6 or 7 seasons, especially with these short ep. lengths. But I completely understand if Issa needed to secure the bag with her other ventures. Rod, you’re definitely on to something with that Insecure movie somewhere down the line.


  4. rodimusprime

    Fascinating episode and review. Come on Bassey, don’t kill Nathan!
    This episode makes we wonder if they can stick the landing.
    Preston (teamdro)

  5. BaroqueCoco

    Hey y’all. I’m thinking this episode also highlights parents and parenting. It’s about our nurturing. How was Molly nurtured and treaded as a daughter? How about her brothers? What about Issa? How was Nathan treated as a child by his father? What choices are parents making? Parents try to protect their children, but how do these acts of love impact the children? This makes Lawrence and Condola’s appearance as parents makes sense. What do you all think? Now I gotta go watch it again! I wouldn’t have thought about this if it weren’t for your fantastically brilliant input! Peace!

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