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2453: Fire Station 69

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian, podcaster, actress Katharine Heller to discuss her comedy journey, dealing with long haul Covid, The Struggle Bus podcast, voice acting in hentai, Coronavirus News, flash mob robberies, cash on the highway, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ebibebi

    Great episode as always.

    When y’all were talking about the egregious repeating of names in anime, I just wanted to say it’s like that in Japanese, too. You can’t escape it even if you flip to the original sound, unfortunately. Even live-action movies and TV shows here just have characters looking at each other saying their names over and over instead of voicing whatever emotion they’re feeling.

    Also, the reason the countries don’t announce policies stopping their own citizens and long-term/permanent residents from entering even in the pandemic is…they legally can’t. I’m living in Japan right now, but it’s the same here for Japanese citizens. Immigration is a really tough issue to deal with, we’re learning it the hard way in Japan because the stricter entry restrictions have split families and/or left people broke paying rent in two countries for two years but also unable to even actually just move out and pick a country because they’re stuck. (It’s hard to get your utilities and stuff cut off from across the globe.) Families are split between countries. Lives put on hold. People stuck in a country where they have no job or house. Among other things. Family emergencies happen (I had to fly back to the US this year for an emergency that was dire enough that I’d risk it). Even if the whole world just stood still, there would be situations where somebody living abroad might need to travel home but has spent decades making a whole life and career in another country so they would also need to be able to re-enter the one they’ve been living in.

    I really liked Katherine! I might look into voicing some smut behind this episode lol

  2. mizzbarnes

    You always find the best guests!

    Katherine was really cool and enjoyed her, but imagine my surprise that she has voiced some of my favorite hentai. Now, I have to turn the volume up on my computer to see if I can recognize her voice 🙂

    Thank you again Rod and Karen

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