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SMR 364: Reminiscence

Rod does a solo movie review of Hugh Jackman’s noir mystery thriller “Reminiscence.”

Hugh Jackman stars in “Reminiscence.”

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    The vision is there, the cast is there, so is the premise. The problem is, the impact feels lightweight. I’ve never seen Westworld. At some point, I might; unfortunately, though, Lisa Joy’s Reminiscence never feels memorable. Hardly exciting. I know people yearn for newer-IPs that aren’t the usual, but you gotta come correct, when you’re trying to bring something new to audiences. This film had the most screen showings of any new release, this year, only for it to be an absolute dud, financially. Pretty sure the HBO Max numbers aren’t any better, either. If a new IP doesn’t bring any exciting to the table, why the hell should we care? Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, Cliff Curtis & Thandiwe Newton brought it, you gotta give them more to do.

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