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SMR 366: Kate

Rod does a solo review of the action assassin thriller “Kate.”

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    I like this film, I like Mary Elizabeth Winstead commitment, I think this film’s colorful aesthetic, but on the issue of Mary’s protagonist & her bad ass fight scenes, she gotta deliver better kicks than them weak ass kicks she was delivering. As someone who watched two 3-hour viewings of No Time To Die, I know Ana De Armas’s fine self is shaking her head in disappointment in saying, “you fight good, kid, but them kicks are weak”. Ana was kicking dudes, man. There was a visceral impact that Mary was lacking. That long nitpick aside, Kate’s a fun movie. Sure, it’s definitely trope-ish, with a white woman fucking up Asian people, but, it is a good time. I did wish the ending & Woody Harrelson’s Varrick had more variety in its payoff. That being said, this was a solid delight. Just wish Mary steps her kick game up for future action movies.

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