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SMR 368: Red Notice

Rod and Karen review Netflix’s action comedy “Red Notice.” We also discuss your feedback for “Cry Macho.”

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    $200 Million dollars wasted on bad CG, annoying double-crosses & pacing so bad, I wish I were tasting molasses. Netflix does have pretty good films, once the effort is there, Red Notice isn’t one of those. Hard to believe this is from the same director who directed Central Intelligence & Dodgeball. Rawson Marshall Thurber isn’t meant to direct something like this. Bad choice, dude. I also think we need to have a real discussion on one Gal Gadot, cuz, yeah, she’s more one-dimensional than a Bernie Sanders cult. As for The Rock, let this film be the end of any Bond talks. Ryan Reynolds? At least you tried. In the end, trassssssssh film.

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