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BDS 413: A Gazelle By The River

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kevin Durant’s ashy ankle, Damontae Kazee DUI, WNBA new play-off format, Kansas City will care for victim of Britt Reid, Mike Tyson needed sex before matches, Texas boosters racism, Enes Kanter Freedom goes too far, OBJ knocks up Lauren Wood, Evander Kane divorce drama peaks, Texans fan BJ in the stands, Bre Tiesi divorce party, Isaiah Stewart fight, Shaq weed partner scams him, Jokic Brothers threatened by Haslem, Joel Embiid bout with Covid, Lee Elder dies at 87, Aaron Rodgers thinks his coaches are snitching on him, OJ Simpson gets dissed for a kiss, Brittany Renner claims she’s struggling, Cris Collingsworth negotiating new contract, Brian Kelly’s LSU contract, RG3 clears up his sexual harassment claims, Marcell Ozuna on camera choking his wife, Bears reporter accidentally uploads a booty pic, Valerie Loureda, Giannis learns to dunk Oreos, Everson Griffen, Jags players records woman abusing his friend, Anthony Edwards calls out Jimmy Butler, Pacers fans ejected for comments about Lebron’s son, Ben Simmons might be broke, MLB lockout, Dana  White Covid, NBA 97% vaccinated, Colton Underwood documentary, Bills fans donating money, Evander Kane divorce stuff, Antonio Brown suspended, Michael Porter Jr undergoes surgery, No Chill Gil returns and Uh Oh, these niggas fighting!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Juniversity of Miami,

    I hope all is well.

    The U is back, maybe? Miami Board of Trustees hired Mario Cristobal for a $17 million total contract and fired Manny Diaz ($8 million buyout). Where did Miami get all this money, especially since they’ve really been broke for a long time? Cuz the University Health System made $400 million last year and the Board of Trustees decided they were tired of being mediocre. How long til someone from Miami gets caught on a hot mic being too happy about COVID making them rich?

    Steph Curry mentioned breaking Ray Allen 3’s in a game record so casually and Steph hitting 3’s still surprises me cuz he’s so goddamn talented. The audacity of that man to hit someone in the face with a 3 and shimmy up and down the court? Incredible.

    But that’s on the court. Off the court? Tristan Thompson aka Break Baby Bubba Chuck is clearly the most audacious off the court shooter. Man puts out a break baby every fortnight, it seems. Has Khole accepted Tristan is just gonna be mass meat transit for women all the place at this point?

    Notre Dame hired Marcus Freeman as their new head football coach and I’m not sure if I hate ND as much now? He’s on my Black Head Coach agenda. But when I found out his dad is Black and his mom is Korean, I remembered I miss High Noon. I’d have loved to hear Bo and Pablo talk about this.

    Have a great weekend y’all and thanks for the dope content as always!



  2. fyahworks

    Happy Thursday rod, Karen, and Justin rose.

    1. So jalen and Molly have been driving on the espn highway, and unfortunately they are getting off at the splitsville exit, after about 3 years. Such an unfortunate situation! I had no idea they have been separated since January. Prayers to them both, going forward.

    2. Big shoutout to Steph curry! Being a basketball fan for such a long time! It’s always a pleasure to see living legends, break records and make history LIVE! From watching the bulls 3 peat twice! Watching the lakers 3 peat, Miami 26/27 game win streak during lebron time there! Cavs first ever championship! The warriors breaking the all time wins records for a season! And now to see Steph about to break the all time record for 3 pointer made, it’s just a pleasure to be alive to see these things. A lot of fans take these athletes for granted. Especially lebron, but you gonna miss the lebrons and stephs when they walk Away from the game.

    3. there’s been a lot of talk about dame Lillard and Portland! He wants to stay, there’s a new GM, and to my knowledge they have no plans of extending him! What do you think happens to him in the near future? Also thoughts and prayers to cj McCollum, who is recovering from a collapsed lung!!
    4. Lastly this seems to be the last year for Big Ben in Pittsburgh and Russ Wilson in Seattle, I would like a prediction from you guys about their futures. I think Ben should hang up them cleats. With all bias, I would mind seeing russ in New York with the giants, and Danny dimes ain’t it!! Yes I’m a giants fan, I also know it’s far fetched that this happens but a nigga could dream, lol

    Appreciate you guys

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

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