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PG 314: New iPad Who This?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss taking breaks during the work day, having your stuff broken, Justin got his iPad, work attitudes, mail security,   Jussie found guilty, Karen’s lost AirPods, Harlem, Hellofresh didn’t arrive, listener feedback and news.


  1. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, and Justin. Man have y’all been watching Curb this season? Between Maria Sofia and Tracey Ullman coming off the bench as Irma Curb has been killing it with the secondary characters this season. And the last episode Larry was in his bag. As always peace

  2. fyahworks

    Howdy Rod Karen & Justin

    Hope the last 7 days was awesome.
    I’ve been watching the first season of Ted lasso! It was amazing! My favorite scene is when Ted did the whole Allen iverson we talking bout practice bit! Awww man such a good show! I’m bout to start season 2! Apple has been doing pretty good with the shows, I’ve also checked out the morning show (finished both seasons) the servant, and truth be told! There a movie that drops Dec 17 with mahersala Ali called swan song that looks pretty good!

    Lastly, we stay looking podcast which came from the looking for Latoya bit from insecure show, is good! Terri Vaughn is doing her thing and I’m enjoying it so far, there’s a few eps out and if you guys haven’t you should check it out!

    Appreciate you guys as always!

    J congrats on the upgrade (iPad pro)

    Until next time


  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, & Justin!

    I love all three of you tons and send this in the spirit of sharing something great – not creating more work. PLEASE watch The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime. It’s fantasy fiction in the same vein as Dem Thrones but it’s unique and special enough not to draw too close of a comparison. I only mention GoT to offer some sense of what you would be tuning into as it’s the only thing I’ve seen akin to this on the small screen. It’s amazing though – in a lot of the ways GoT was and in a lot of the ways GoT was not. It also hasn’t gotten a lot of hype so it’s probably a great time to be able to watch it and just enjoy it for all that it is. It’s only 6 episodes into the first season and I am certain you’ll be in love after a couple. Additionally, a black woman (a fine one that we all know Salli Richardson-Whitfield) has directed the last two episodes.

    I am not even requesting you review it. I just want you all to enjoy it because you deserve. That’s why I didn’t send this into the regular show lol

    Take care of yourselves and happy holidays!

    Alison H

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