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BDS 424: Thot Toting Third Trimester Trystin’ Third Tot?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Jalen Rose divorce, Tristan Thompson has another child on the way, Von Miller calls out his baby mama, Brittany Renner vs PJ, US boycotting Beijing Olympics, Serena out, Glenn Foster dies in police custody, Pat McAfee secures the bag, the Lions get a rap song for their 1 win, Zion rumor wasn’t true, Adrien Broner extortion fails, Kyrie is happy, Cade McNown’s wife stealing, Aldon Smith DUI, Larry Fitzgerald put on blast, Josh Jacobs has a lot of kids, Aaron Rodgers met with doctor for his toe, Antonio Brown’s chef suing, Enes Kanter, Dr. J and “Uh Oh! These niggas fighting!”



    Hey Rod, Karen & Jormula 1.

    J Full pretty much echoed my sentiments of how I felt about Sunday’s race. All I could hear, as those 5 lapped cars went by, was Randolph Terrance echoing “Whiteness” like a yodeler. Shit was foul. Just foul. Max Verstappen had a great year & was the championship leader all year, but if that crash didn’t happen, F1 official fuckery, this wouldn’t have been a problem. Lewis & his father handled all of that like the classy Gs they are. Best of luck for ‘chip 8 in 2022, just wish it were, this year. Peace.

  2. rodimusprime

    What’s Rod, Karen, and J Meyer,

    So it looks like the Urban Meyer experience has finally come to an end. It seems like Urban thought he was going to treat grown ass man like unpaid college students and he fucked around and found out. Also on another note congrats to Deion Sanders on getting the #1 football recruit. I hope this is a safe space because I ain’t going to lie I ain’t really feeling Deion as a coach. I feel like his antics only have a matter time before that all comes crashing down. I also find it weird he keeps inviting Brittany Renner to keep talking to these boys. It’s like asking a snake to babysit mice. Also it seems the transfer portal is back in discussion and coaches are hating it. Even Dabo Sweeny has came out speaking against the new rules. I hate that we literally had two coaches hit their teams with the sunshine scene from Harlem Nights but yet we are talking about these kids’s agency to choose where they go. It’s also the same conversation when it comes to the NIL yet some of these college coaches are now making $10M a year. But when it comes to players getting paid these colleges act like they can’t find the money. I think I can tell them where to start looking. But any love the show as always.


  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin
    I know I don’t write as often as I should. Rod, congratulations on your big news.

    Real talk, why isn’t what KD was doing to Trae Young considered abuse? I sincerely was uncomfortable for Trae watching it. He laid his head on him in two different places, groped his hip bones, then reached up under his crotch. Trae even tried to say no by pushing him off. I don’t play basketball nor watch every game, but I’ve never seen such.


  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin. It’s me, Shay

    We lost her y’all. To them phat ass white girls You know? The thick kind! This is hard to even type but it’s true.. Candace Parker then married a white woman. I know it was bound to happen. The first thing a nigga do when they get a little attention is marry a white woman. No but for real I’m actually very happy for the GOAT. She did her part in coming out to promote the gay agenda to the kids, she’s expecting another baby with her wife of apparently two WHOLE years. She snatched that championship away from raggedy ass Taurasi just a few mths ago, possibly while pregnant which would be absolutely crazy. She out here living her best life and being the ancestors wildest dream. Congrats to her


  5. fyahworks

    Yo yo Rod Karen and JOVID 19

    Man oh man, since last weekend every other sports notification had been this one and that one is out due to health and safety protocols! It’s attacking all sports across the world! The bulls had to postpone 2 games due to not having enough players! It is just been a domino effect that has hit half the damn league! If this continues it can definitely affects teams down the line toward the end of the season.

    Major shout out to Steph for breaking that record! And no finer place to do it but in MSG against them Knicks! Cuz when you wanna create history, the Knicks will allow to come in their home and put your feet on there coffee table. Did y’all see spike Lee acting like a groupie while Steph got interviewed, he on the court laying down in his hood clothes his mama bought taking pics of Steph , like he ain’t got no home training? Like I said last week it’s truly a blessing to be alive to witness history and living legends!

    Before I go rip to demaryius Thomas!

    You guys be good

    Fyahworks out

  6. rodimusprime

    This is 3 times as painful as blowing a 28-3 lead on my birthday

    What up Rod and Justin,
    The subject line says it all. I’m so hurt right now. My guy Lewis Hamilton was robbed blind of his 8th world championship in Formula One. Beware this email might be long and confusing.

    I’ll try to explain what happened in basketball terms. Imagine it’s the LeBron vs Luka in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Lebron is going for title number 7. No matter how many stats Lebron accumulates people will say, “he doesn’t have more rings than MJ”. Now it’s Lebron’s chance to stand on the mountain alone. It’s game 7 and Lebron’s team is up by 15 with 5 seconds left. The game is all but decided. The refs stop the clock and allow Luka’s team to score baskets uninterrupted until the game is tied. Now that the game is tied, they let the clock run out. In OT, they say first bucket wins, except Luka’s team gets to shoot from the free throw line, while LeBron’s team has to shoot from halfcourt. White savior Luka, hits his shot first and wins his first NBA championship.

    If this happened in the NBA we would no longer be able to trust the integrity of the league.

    This is basically the kinda bullshit that happened to Lewis Hamilton on Sunday. Lewis was winning the race by about 15 seconds with 5 laps to go. That’s basically an insurmountable lead because even the quickest drivers can only make up about 1 second per lap. Lewis practically had his record-breaking championship in hand when some bum ass nigga fighting for LAST place, crashed his car. This brings out what’s called a Safety Car. The Safety Car slows everybody down so that they can get the track cleaned up. An important rule about the safety car is that you cannot overtake the driver in front of you while the safety car is out.

    Prior to this point in the race, Lewis has driven a near flawless race. He managed to lap 5 cars, so there were 5 cars between him and the 2nd place driver, Max Verstappen. I’ll take a brief break to discuss why he matters. Max is supposed to be the Great White Hope to dethrone Lewis Hamilton. People try to make him Lewis’s peer even though he’s never won a championship and Lewis is better in every measurable way. But, this season Max had a great car and won a lot of races. Max and Lewis come to the final race all tied in the championship, and whoever finishes ahead wins the championship.

    Back to the race. With about 3 laps to go, Red Bull, Max Verstappen’s team, calls the race director (the person in charge of enforcing rules and race decisions) and says “We just need one lap of racing”. See, while the safety car was out, Max put on new tires. New tires make the car faster. Lewis could not put on new tires because he would lose first place. Oh well, not a big deal. There’s still 5 cars that Max would have to overtake to pass Lewis if the race restarts, a near-impossible feat with one lap to go.

    Right before the final lap, the race director says that the 5 lapped cars between Lewis and Max can unlap themselves. Cars unlapping is totally normal under a safety car. HOWEVER, the rule is that ALL cars have to unlap themselves and the safety car must stay out for another lap while this happens. Well, the race director decided that he wouldn’t allow the other cars to unlap themselves because that would mean that the safety car would be out for the final lap. So ONLY the cars between Max and Lewis are allowed to unlap. This puts Max right behind Lewis with brand new tires. Max obviously quickly overtakes Lewis on the final lap of the race to win. Had the race director simply followed the rules, Lewis would be an 8-time champion, passing Michael Schumacher for the most in F1 history. Instead, the race director made up his own rules so Max could win.

    I’ve never seen an instance of an official blatantly cheating a team/player out of a championship like that. It was so baffling that all I could do is cry. The whole season it felt like the race director was against Lewis but NOBODY thought that he’d stoop to this level. Lewis overcame every questionable decision and penalty against him and was on the verge of history until they fucked him again.

    Mercedes, Lewis’ team, is appealing the race, but I doubt anything will come of it. F1 did the whole NBA 2-minute report thing, of “yea we fucked up, oh well”.

    What hurts the most is that by all accounts Lewis Hamilton is as great a person as he is a driver. He’s someone who’s so easy to root for. He’s the best driver that ever lived. But these racist white folks couldn’t stand to see a Black man on top of the mountain.


  7. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen, and Jontez Sweat,

    Remember back in June before the start of the football season when all the nfl teams were trying to hold the players hands and bring in experts to talk to them about getting the vaccine…

    Washington Football Team player Montez Sweat said he wasn’t going to get vaccinated until he did more research and heard more facts.

    So the team called his bluff and brought Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, a black woman, to talk to the team. She helped create the Moderna vaccine.

    Mr Sweat’s response to the team honoring his wishes to hear more facts was “wait not like that”

    Well guess who just tested positive for covid along with several other team members.

    Fucking around and finding out.

    Why spent they just listen to OJ.

    “Hey twitter world it’s me, yours truly. Go get your covid jab. It’s ok trust me. I know all about stabs…I mean jabs.”

    Source: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31599454/montez-sweat-not-fan-covid-19-vaccine-washington-football-team-bringing-expert-address-players?platform=amp

    Source: https://www.wusa9.com/article/sports/locked-on/nfl-podcast/washington-football-team-show/first-omicron-case-nfl-history-washington-football-team/65-6ac71def-9943-4cf6-9521-e06ca1294345

    Thank you,


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