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PG 315: Manhattan Flexing

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Rod meeting Justin’s mom, workplace turmoil continues, Karen can work remotely from anywhere, Rod looking into AirBnB, True Story, Harlem and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    Happy Holidays! I am so proud of you Rod for scoring that writing gig! We all knew you would do it! It sounds like you have an amazing place in Hell’s Kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen ain’t what it used to be as in it was rather ratchet (and not in the good way) several years ago. My dad, who used to be a Catholic priest, had a parish in Hell’s Kitchen. The people were great, the neighborhood was “trying”.

    Anyway, there is so much to enjoy in Manhattan even though Omicron is stuntin’ on us. NYC folks get an unfair bad rap. I had to be in NY a couple of summers with my daughter who was attending ballet intensives. I have found people there to be nicer than the ones in my Connecticut town and I live in a pretty progressive and nice town for Connecticut. One day in NY, my daughter and I were walking and this bird poops on her leg. It was an interesting feat on the bird’s part since my kid was moving and the bird was flying, but super nasty. So this older white man stops, smiles, and says. “That bird was talented. Don’t forget it’s a good luck omen when a bird chooses you. Here are some wipes.” and then hurried on his way. A younger Black man came up right as the other man left and said, “Oh, here honey have some hand sanitizer. These birds are crazy.” He gave us his bottle of sanitizer and then he went on his way. Another time, I mistakenly got into an off-duty cab. After scrambling out of it, a white lady in an awesome Sex and the City dress gave me the cab she just hailed for herself. She was obviously in a huge hurry but realized I was coming from the country and helped me out. She looked pressed and didn’t say much except, “Here take this one.” and went back to trying to flag down another cab. All this to say is that you will meet some awesome folks. The food is great and the vibe is out-of-this-world. I always feel so free when I am there. Also, NYC isn’t playing about proof of vax status so that’s good. Y’all will have a great time!

    Thank you, Rod, Karen, and Justin for these awesome shows. I really enjoy how you all are such wonderful friends. It comes through each show. I love y’all’s energy and humor. Lord knows we all need it. It’s cool hearing about your days and I have greatly enjoyed Justin’s updates from his old job. Damn, that was a trip. Thank you for continuing to cover the Paddywhack. There is so much new information and the world literally feels more inside out than usual. Your shows provide a soft place for us to land. You all have created a beautiful and thoughtful community. I am grateful for you.

    Have a beautiful and safe holiday. Wishing you many blessings for 2022!


  2. fyahworks

    Hope all is well Rod Karen and Justin

    Hope you guys enjoyed the week off from the free shows. I finished Ted lasso which is getting a season 3, and then started swagger, which features and unknown cast (Atleast to me) and O’Shea Jackson. It’s about a basketball team and focused more on a 14 year old phenom! It is executive produced by Kevin Durant! I figure I might as well run through these Apple TV + shows since I got it free for a year lol

    You guys have a wonderful and safe holiday

    And to the premium listeners as well!

    Fyahworks out

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod,

    As a fellow “Curb your Enthusiasm” watcher I know you must of had the -> wtf moment when they all a sudden stated that this was the final season‍♀️ Are u kidding me damn, damn, Damn!! (In my momma Martin Lawrence voice). This must be due to the reports of sexual assault Jeff Garlin is accused of. F**K ! Sorry, first The Walking Dead, then Insecure now Curb -> Mr Bigg is dead what’s a girl gonna watch !!!!! … I needed to rant to someone and tag you it. Ok, I’m done ‍♀️ So Insecure, welp Lawrence needed a pep talk from his homeboy to realize he needed to go after Issa aka “fight for her” maaannnn listen n*ggas always showing they ass all late after we set on moving on. But I’m team Lawrence so let’s work this miracle last episode, they gonna need like 5 time jumps to wrap this show up. I’m so annoyed with tv right now.

    – Danielle Dee ❤️

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