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BDS 425: I Promise

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Urban Meyer getting fired, Deion Sander recruits number one player, Louis Hamilton gets a raw deal, Aurburn hoops put on probation, Aaron Judge married, Kyrie might come back, USA Gymnastic reaches settlement, David Ortiz getting divorced, OJ is a free man, principal at Lebron school resigns, Zac Stacy says he was set up, Tristan Thompson updates, KD goes in on Skip Bayless, Roger Goodell says Dan Snyder wasn’t able to interfere with the NFL investigation, Zion needs more time to heal, John Bones Jones gets plea deal again, Danny Ainge hired by The Jazz, Bar apologizes to Jackson Mahomes, Dell Curry was flirty, OBJ D.U.S.T. celebration, Michele Tafoya conspiracy, Brittany Renner voice text, Lamar Odom is clean living, and Molly Qerim / Stephen A rumor.

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  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jurban Meyer,

    I hope all is well and want to wish all three of y’all a very Happy Holidays.

    I know Urban Meyer got fired last week, but I was moving and didn’t have the chance (or working internet yet) to talk my shit cuz I didn’t think there was any way Meyer could work in Jacksonville. At Ohio State, Meyer looked like he was on death’s door whenever they were losing. If Dell Curry ain’t got the blood pressure to be out in these streets, Meyer sure as shit didn’t have the blood pressure to be in the NFL. Losing football games caused this dude *physical pain* and he took an NFL job? How much do y’all think Meyer could’ve lowered his blood pressure if he wasn’t working himself half to death pretending to be a decent person? Even Bobby Petrino and Ricky 3 Stacks both gave up on pretending they ain’t bastards dipped and glazed in extra bastard sauce. Meyer won a national title at Ohio State and fans could not wait to put him on the Summer Jam screen out here trying to step out on his wife.

    And Rod, to your point last week about this proving Meyer ain’t an offensive genius? You’re goddamn right. Trevor Lawrence out here looking sorry and ruined. As an expert in sorry QBs, Lawrence looking like he got rode hard and put away wet, my god.

    Congrats to Deion Sanders for flipping Travis Hunter, number one overall recruit in the nation. Hopefully that takes some of the string off South Carolina State putting Jackson State through a goddamn table. It’s looking like the recruit signed to Jackson State in part cuz Sanders does a podcast for Barstool Sports and coincidentally they’ve also signed an NIL deal with Hunter. Remember when the NCAA used to take away scholarships if coaches gave kids some McDonalds?

    The legend at the bank Iso Joe heard there was table in Boston with some money on it and he continued his life’s work of never leaving a dollar behind. Bravo to that man.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful holiday, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks as always for the wonderful shows, y’all’s insight, comedy and overall dopeness. Thank you.



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