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SMR 370: The Eyes Of Tammy Faye

Rod and Justin review the biopic, “The Eyes Of Tammy Faye” and then we discuss your feedback for “The French Dispatch.”


  1. trey_swindu744

    Rod &Justin you two weren’t lying about this one , this was really good. Jessica acted her ass off playing Tammy Faye and Andrew as Jim too. But specifically speaking Jessica better get her Oscar nom for this one cause MY GOD she definitely made you feel something for Tammy Faye .

    The way her mama treated her messed with my spirit – all because of a divorce like wtf! One specific thing the movie showed was Tammy really “lived her raps” as far as her faith went. Also Jim scamming ass cracked me up and y’all remember he is still out here scamming with his COVID cure solution lol

    Thanks again


    What is it with Vincent D’onofrio playing detestable people. Dude’s a nice man, yet acting his ass off playing Jerry Falwell. Doubt you can find an actor to play this role better than he did. Especially the way he says Jim to Garfield. Shit was funny, but terrifying, at the same time. Andrew Garfield continues his stellar 2021 as Jim Bakker & Jessica Chastain, who doesn’t get enough respect, simply killed it as Tammy Faye. I saw this way back in September. Not a single hour is wasted. So good.

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