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SMR 372: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Rod and Karen venture back to the theater to review the latest MCU movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” We also discuss movie trailers and your comments on our past reviews.



    What. A. Film. When I first watched, something about it felt off to me, during my screening. Initially, I thought it was the action beats of No Way Home. It wasn’t. I was listening to that Chiefs-Chargers before the film was beginning to start, which zapped some joy from me, because that was a fun game, late in the 4th/OT. Seeing it a second time, allowed me to appreciate the nuances of the story & the superb retconning that took place with every character. I really loved how the Peter Parkers of Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield got fleshed out. Both are different, yet the same. Tobey’s cool as a cucumber, while Garfield got worthy redeemed that wasn’t earned after Gwen died in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Each villain was more nuanced than their prior appearances. Gone were the cheesy aesthetics from prior Spider-Man films & given a beautiful MCU sheen to combine each ones personality. This is also Tom Holland’s best performance as Spider-Man & Peter Parker. Even the way he handles being forgotten per Dr. Strange’s spell matures him into being that Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man we’ve wanted for his run here. Hopefully, we’ll get Miles Morales in due time. Even Holland, himself, wants a more diverse Spider-Man.

    The story is so earnest, but rarely feels big because the stakes are more personal for the protagonist. It’s beautifully written. The score by Michael Giacchino is a character in itself. This man had to cue in themes from when Danny Elfman composed his Spider-Man films, all those years ago. Not a single note, leitmotif, cresendo or emotional beat is wasted. Director Jon Watts is directing the Fantastic Four after this & what a way for him to go out here. A whimper & a bang.
    Marvel Studios saved Sony from themselves & made a fantastic chapter into Spider-Man. Can’t wait to see it again.

  2. RoninRaphael

    I was the first person to start clapping at the end of No Way Home. For once, I did not give a damn what anyone felt around me (it wasn’t a full theater too yessss). This movie touched my soul in so many ways that I didn’t realize that I needed. Hearing your review also showed why I was so satisfied with this movie, I’m trying to get my English cousin to go premium and see what he’s missing. The intro of Daredevil got me excited too. I better stop cause I could type all day about this. Thanks also for bringing up Miles Morales. Great point that I agree on

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