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TTM 87: Out, Okay?!

Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    A fitting ending to a good season and a great series!
    Thanks Bassey, Rod and Karen’s laugh.
    What’s next ? Hopefully, we’ll get Atlanta soon.
    Preston ( team Dro forever)

  2. rodimusprime

    Rod and Bassey,

    Kemdoc/Monique here. First off…….Sorry I’m a late ass feedback bum. I miss y’all niggas in a powerful way!!

    I was driving from Charlotte to DC listening to the last two episodes of This Tew Much. Baby. Not y’all saying everything I was feeling. The dream sequence episode was a waste and I was Marge Simpson grumbling through it. Then the garden party was so fukking solid that I was like wheeereeee wassss this plot and writing??? I think even with a solid and I mean solid series finale they can’t make up for the slog of getting to their endgame.

    I did love a lot of things about the finale. The conclusion of Nathan where is was a more healthy uncoupling with real closure felt good to me. It made so much sense for meee emotionally especially since Lawrence was my endgame for the Issa in my mind. That was an amazing breakup scene. They do break up scenes so devastatingly well. Kendrick did his best in that car and at that party later on. Oh and another thing, Lawrence being in a situation when Issa called him was perfect. Because by the end I knew that I knew that they were it. He searched all over and ended back with Issa. Love it.

    With Molly and Taurean…who da Fukk woulda thought when he was introduced during season 3 (am I right?) that he would be her whole husband. Desperately in love with her. And for all that Molly wanted for her husband run the Taurean credentials. I mean wow. A power couple!!! RIP to her mom.

    Issa piping up on mirror bytch was amazing. Shoutout to Kelly for her evolution. I don’t think we need a spin-off. I wanna see Natasha fly with her own vision and content.

    Hit y’all music because your predictions of the birthdays being the time jumps. Lawd. Hit the damn music lol.

    I’ll end with this: I wished Issa played the scene with her, Lawrence, and baby Jah happier. It felt kinda empty emotion wise. Imma blame direction of acting because I blame Prentice for all the mishaps the way we blame Greg Nicotero for The Walking Dead issues lol. They deserve blame. It’s always the episodes they direct that be the problem during seasons. That might be too critical on him but I’ve tried lol.

    Much love to y’all,

  3. rodimusprime

    *To be read in the style of a post game Press Conference*

    Blu Mayne Group here, coming live (via email) from a closet in the HBO Writers room, we bring you Rod “Pumpkin Spice” Prime and Bassey “Dropping Bodies” Ikpi!

    Guys, amazing series! As your 5-0 sweep run comes to an end and you find yourselves here in the black media Hall of Fame I have a few questions.

    1. How does it feel to be Official Ghost writers for HBO? Are the checks clearing?

    2. Daring decisions to pick a Daniel look alike for a love interest and for Nathan to be the one to leave Issa. It made for a good “swerve”, what led you all to make this choice?

    3. Kelly having a baby, Tiffany in a Tyler Perry wig, and Issa being engaged, is it safe to safe to say you all pulled out all the stops?

    Thank you all for an amazing run, and we at the Negro Media Network wish you the best on your next Ghost Writing Room assignment.

    -Blu Mayne Group

  4. rodimusprime

    Good morning Bassey and Rod! Here are a few of my thoughts about the series finale.

    1. I’m so glad Nathan chose himself. I saw some ppl saying Issa could’ve fought for him while they were in the car. I saw it differently. Issa was honouring how he felt because she knew shit was messy. More importantly we needed Nathan to get out the way for Issa to get with Lawrence! Duhhhhhh!

    2. You guys were on point about how the girls would try to link up on each other’s birthday. It was a great way to progress the story forward a few years. Now that I’m rewatching the series from the beginning, birthdays have been very important in the insecure universe.

    3. Great call Bassey that a death would happen this season. However I’m glad it wasn’t a main character.

    4. I understand the vision that Issa has for her community fuck Crenshawn.

    5. They gave both Molly and Tiffany the same awful Rick James wig when they were going through some sad shit. Molly was mourning her mother’s death on her birthday and Tiffany was mourning not being in LA.
    (At least that’s what I think. Those black wigs were awful).

    I’m gonna miss your Insecure recaps but I can’t wait for the recaps of Atlanta. Have a happy new year and happy Kwanzaa!


  5. Marcrand

    Hello Rod and Bassey!

    Before I get into my comment I have to say that this the best review show for this series that is available (including the “official” one), and I absolutely love how you two make commentary on the show. Well, well I guess Bassey got the death that she just had to have (lol), I need her to finally reveal that she is in fact knee deep in that writers room there is no way that one can be that good at predictions (for every season mind you).
    I love how by watching the finale you can see that nothing that they did throughout the season (series) was wasted. While sitting on the couch watching with my wife, when Lawrence popped up in that office I I uncontrollably yelled “get’cho b**** back cuz” . We both busted out laughing at the moment, but quickly tears welled up in our eyes because this is the moment that we have been waiting for in this show and we loved every minute of it. Also, very proud of Nathan for choosing himself (bye n****) and getting all the way up out of the way.

    Needless to say I love the show and it was the perfect way to end an amazing series. Thank you for your recaps, I am truly appreciative of the work that you two do.

    Peace & Love

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassie!

    Thank you for recapping the show with such detail and enthusiasm! I live your recaps! I will keep my email short! I liked the finale of Insecure. It reminded me of the finale of six feet under with the time jumps. I liked how everyone found happiness in their own way. I think you guys said that they refilmed the finale. In the wine down they mentioned that they originally had a finale scene in Morocco at a Rihanna concert. I am happy they chose this ending.

    Are you guys gonna recap Atlanta? If not what’s next? I know this is us is out.

    Thanks for recapping?


  7. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    I hope I am emailing before you record.
    Props to you for completing this season each week – and for getting the eps in before we could all send in our feedback most weeks

    I’m sure you’ve touched on all the big and little things from the last episode. A few that stood out to me:

    Issa is really a great show writer – so many funny lines and so many great camera angles and loved the mirror scenes and convos!
    Loved the closure with Nathan – I know I’m an outlier, but he is not attractive to me. Looked even more tired in this ep. Also, I watched an Xmas movie this weekend and he was in it. It was from 2018-19 and he was using his normal accent and was actually acting well. I wonder what happened to him?
    The two reactions of the men after the party incident was very telling – Nathan not wanting to talk; Lawrence wanting to talk about it and apologise for his actions and impact.
    Molly’s OUTFITS!!! That cut out dress?! Though I was not feeling that blue suit and that wig
    Also loved evidence of Molly’s growth this whole season and throughout this episode. So many great lines, so much wisdom – still the inability to cry, uggghhhhhh. I don’t think I noticed that she can’t cry until Bassey mentioned it, not I can’t unsee it. When she and Issa were doing the dress scene, Yvonne said she went off script. You can see when Issa gets truly emotional and looks like she’s really crying. And Yvonne is still looking like she’s reading the long backstory of a recipe before the steps actually are listed. Issa seemed to actually pull back her reactions to match Molly’s lack of crying.
    Sad there was the death Bassey predicted, but glad it didn’t take up more than a few minutes of the episode – total with all the scenes related to the death.
    Kelly’s growth and changes and constant great humor!

    I didn’t catch that Issa and Lawrence are engaged until the 2nd time I watched. I noticed her line about “Is that what I have to look forward to” to Molly and at first was just happy that she and Lawrence were looking toward a future together. The second time, I thought about it more and actually rewound when she said that and saw the ring was actually very prominent in the house, cake, and bathroom scenes.

    Loved that the mirror was the big start and finish of the show – kinda how I talked about the mirror at the start and end of my email.

    Thank you all for the great recaps! Thank goodness the show didn’t go off the rails as some people predicted.
    We should have known Lissa would get together and stay together – Issa roots for everything Black and the two of them (really the 3 with Molly) are just such beautiful Blackness in so many ways.

    Thank you agains for the great recaps!! Love y’all!!
    What’s next up for recapping?

    Ada (pronounced Ah-dah, kinda like Ga-ga, but with the D)

  8. rodimusprime

    Hey you two,

    I have been listening to y’all from the beginning and I started watching This is us because of y’all’s reviews. I have absolutely loved the pivots this podcast has done over the years. It is amazing how Insecure has made such impact in black tv. I was saying that I want people to respect/love Insecure like they did Living Single. My friend mention how he thinks Insecure surpassed Living Single. Issa had so much more autonomy to make the show black AF unlike years ago there was white people pulling the strings. We need to give Issa all of her flowers for she has done/doing. (I am addicted to Black Lady Sketch show) I watched season 1 episode 1 and the growth of all of these characters by the end perfect. Watching the documentary of Insecure had me crying because it was so damn beautiful seeing the cast and crew show her love and seeing their growth. I am going to miss this show and it was roller coaster of a fun ride.

    Love y’all and I can’t wait for Atlanta to come back.

  9. rodimusprime

    Wow! Just wow! I have been listening to y’all for a minute and never doubted your ability to predict what would happen on future Insecure episodes.

    But this week?!? The final week of Insecure; y’all literally WROTE the episode.

    From the sudden death to the birthday jumps?! How did yall know ‍♀️?

    I can’t wait to hear your recap of this episode because I know I missed things. I saw the first season Easter Eggs (Token Black girl at We Got Y’all, Pussy Broken, Best Buy Guy, The Dunes, Thug Yoda and the Birthday let down), but I know I missed a TON!

    Thank you two, Karen’s laughs and Bassey’s Alexa for bringing so much laughter and thought to this monumental show.


  10. rodimusprime

    Good Morning Rod and Bassey. Listening to you two reviews some of my favorite shows has been a blessing. With a show like insecure that has changed the way black friendships, and relationships has been displayed on tv has been a wonderful ride. Hearing you predict the show every episode for the past few seasons as early as being one of the first to predict Lawrences return a few seasons ago when everyone was convinced he was off the show. Sadly Basseys prediction of a death came true but the time jumps made sure to connect all of the missing dots. Whether it was Molly finding her husband and Issa giving up the reigns to him in the bathroom, or Nathan ending his toxic grip on Issa. Natasha fell in love and Issas career took off. This season has not been perfect but this show has given everything that I could ask of and more so I cant be mad. As an avid watcher I couldn’t let the series end without telling you all how great of a job yall have done for the past years on this. Thank you Insecure, Thank you Team Lawrence. Thank you every character and crew member on this show. And lastly thank you Rod and Bassey for your amazing reviews.

    Sincerely pleased fan,

    Andrew R

  11. Vinylcollectors

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I’ll make my comment short but I just had to comment. While this season didn’t wow me I was so so happy to watch a finale where Issa gets it all- the man, the job (her own business working in the community just like she wanted), the home, the best friend and most of all the self-confidence! As a black women WE DESERVE to see this more often on TV and I am grateful Issa took us on this journey. Thanks for recapping this show I enjoy ya’ll! Atlanta in March?

  12. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey!

    Great finale last night. It made me HIGHKEY happy! I’d like an apology from all of the people who cast Lawrence as the villain but I know that’d never happen. Wish the best for Nathan. I didn’t like him, but I didnt hate him either. It was always Lissa for me!

    Molly’s growth has been incredible to watch. Kelli was so damn funny – I’m going to be rooting For Natasha Rothwell to star in her own rom com.

    Yay – no Condolences in this episode!

    I’m so happy for Issa Dee AND Issa Rae! The growth yall, the growth! If there’s one more thing I wish we could get from Issa, it’s a guide to natural hair care and how to recreate those amazing hairstyles from the show.

    Also, if they give out awards for fashion in TV shows, Insecure needs to be considered because they USED that HBO budget! I want all of the clothes! Kelli in that green? Molly’s get up at Issa’s birthday? Issa in that bridesmaid dress? Lordy!

    Finally. Thank you both for the great recaps over the years. You’ve both been on point and I’m sad this is the last one. Do you think you’d two would do the last season of This Is Us that starts in a week or two? Ah, I’m being greedy

    Thanks for everything!!!

    – T’ara

  13. rodimusprime

    Yo! I just wanted to stop by to say that I really enjoyed the series finale. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and along the way I was critical of the pacing of the season. But I think they really brought it home in a great way. I’m glad Nathan took himself out of the equation, but I was a little nervous when he popped up at Issa’s party. Luckily he was just there to show some love and bounce. It was great to see Lawrence and Issa finally talk and end up back together. That was the best part of it all to me, but a very close second was how Molly’s arc ended. I really didn’t fuck with Molly for most of the series, but I really like how she has grown this season. I was happy for her and Torian at the end. Anyway, I could go on, but I’ll just end it here cuz I’m sure there will be lots of other feedback. Shouts out to the entire cast and crew of Insecure, and shouts out to Rod, Bassey, and Karen’s laugh for another great season reviewing the show. Great job, guys!

    L Brothers

  14. rodimusprime

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is my five star review. I have been listening for years now. Rod and bassey and Karen’s laugh have been the joy of my week. With insecure and this is us ending it’s really an end of a tv era. We can all agree bassey secretly wrote the episodes this season because her predictions have been right. Give her an Emmy


  15. rodimusprime

    Hola Bassey & Rod,

    – Excited to hear your thoughts on the series finale. While watching I was like, BASSEY WAS RIGHT!!! We got the birthday fast forwards and a death!

    – When Molly was crying, when she got the news and when she was dancing with her father at her wedding, I thought, I don’t know about that, not sure if Bassey is going to buy it.

    – Molly’s wedding dress was GORGEOUS.

    Ok so just to confirm, you guys will be recapping Atlanta but not This Is Us?


    Ritzy Periwinkle

  16. rodimusprime

    Rod, Bassey, Karen in the back!

    The episode/series isn’t over and I am calling bullshyt on the lies y’all been telling us! Y’all have been writing for the show the whole damned time, lying about it and playing in our e-faces. Had to get that off of my chest.

    OK! Bye!


    Ms. Smart

  17. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod ,Bassey & hopefully Karen in the background lol

    I know all three of y’all are thriving in abundance … limitless after being correct about the finale . That finale was straight forward perfection and I loved it ! Yesss Lawrence haters be mad be very mad your boy was always the one, “Lowkey Happy” showed us all of that.

    So happy and sad for Molly – thanks a lot Bassey lol . Shoutout to Molly going to therapy so she could do the work and thrive in abundance. That finale montage of past show elements was so dope and brilliant. I’m very thankful for the love between the characters of Molly & Issa – the true love story of the series when you think about it . So happy for Kelli too with her new man , baby and butt stuff lol.

    I’m going to miss this show but I’m so thankful Issa got to start it and end it on her own terms! When I heard Issa signed a deal with HBO for her pilot I wasn’t sure if they were going to give her chance and let her do her thing . Being a black creative in Hollywood there so much pressure from black and white folks to be the next big thing. Thankfully they did and we got to see how amazing & successful the show ended up being!

    So happy Issa got do things her way and she networked ACROSS to quote her and I loved that she brought so many of her people with her along the way . I’m going to miss the black awkwardness, the characters, the music, the setting, the jokes and most importantly the love!

    Thank you Rod & Bassey for covering this show on the podcast ! You guys did an amazing job in the writers room lol

    Thanks again Rod & Bassey

  18. fyahworks

    Shit yall got us on point! Got people rushing in them comments just in case there’s a Monday morning recap lol…….

    Happy holidays rod, bassey, and Karens laugh

    Damn I don’t know how the hell ya do it but y’all do! And this is why this is the best recap show! Last week rod said it would be so cool to go through the casts birthdays and dammit they did that shit! Bassey called death on someone and although it wasnt Lawrence or Nathan we still got that death! If this seasons recap ain’t proof y’all the goats well shit idk what or who is!!!

    Great job guys!

    Fyahworks out!!!!

  19. FalconsDiva

    #Rodwasright #Basseywasright

    Hey Rod and Bassey!!

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this journey. I loved the series finale and the fact that it played out as Rod predicted was a bonus. I wasn’t happy Molly’s mom died but I was glad Bassey got her death. And of course – LISSA!!!

    This was my first time watching live. I don’t have HBO and I usually watch using my BFF’s login. Well last night I was at her house so we watched and I wept like a baby at Issa and Molly’s scene! My friend’s parents are in town for the holiday and on Christmas I was talking to her mom. I don’t know how we got to the conversation but her mom said she was concerned about how K (my BFF) would handle it when they (her mom and dad) died. I assured K’s mom that I would be there for her… So that scene took me all the way out! Like you’ve said, Insecure was about Issa and Molly and that scene was absolutely perfect.

    Again, thank you both for taking us on this journey. It would not have been the same without TTM.

    Love y’all!

  20. nahan87

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Thank you both for podcasting Insecure. I’ve really enjoyed listening to you both over the years and your different perspectives especially with this last season. I’ve enjoyed this season mainly because I just enjoy the show and the characters. It’s felt slow at times but I was really happy with the final episode. It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. As someone who really hated the final season of GoT but loved the final season of Veep (which their final episode was a week before GoT’s final episode) it can be frustrating to watch a show where you feel like the writers have kind of given up on it (GRRM) while simultaneously watching a show where you can tell the writers really loved the characters and world. For me, Insecure was kind of a third perspective where throughout the season it felt like the writers weren’t writing as if this was the final season. It’s a bit frustrating as a viewer but listening to the wine down that’s what they said they were going for and it makes me appreciate the season more. These characters will continue on, in their world though we no longer have access to it right now. I do hope we get to see them again, but I’m satisfied with where we ended.

    Again thank you both for your recaps and I’m looking forward to the next show. Atlanta, Okay?!

  21. think_p_smart

    Rod mentioned folks thinking people thinking coparenting has to be a battle. I don’t know that the distrust of Comorbidity’s motive is about expected coparenting drama. Drama doesn’t only include yelling, crying and loudness. She is bringing drama with a side of plausible deniability by playing ‘keeping up appearances’. Wasn’t it her who suggested they go to the first bday party together? She is creating the family photo without saying a word and Lawrence is unknowingly going along with it as most men would. If Consequences was low drama, she would decline the invitations, send gifts, suggest a one-on-one goodby lunch with her and Tiffany, etc.

    Issa has had no overt reaction. Instead, she has done worse. She is tryin to move on with her life by building a life with Nate, the rebound guy.

    Nate walked up on Lawrence and Issa cracking his knuckles. I caught that on second run back. He walked up ready for smoke, whether it was from meat on a grill or a fight. If he hit Lawrence first and Lawrence had whooped his ass, I wouldn’t have been mad if the cameras (cus you know a house that nice has cameras), showed it was self defense.

    I fully agree about him being a whole misfit toy at the party and in Issa’s life. He’s going to posh parties and learning what life with bedside tables is about. At the same time, he is still fighting at parties— behavior wasn’t appropriate at the barbershop, or in her Uber, for a grown up. I don’t see where he has any interest in changing his behaviors, world view, or anything. But, I also don’t see where he is trying to dull Issa’s shine either. Still, they don’t seem like a great EMOTIONAL fit.

  22. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey!

    I’ve written in once before a few years ago but felt compelled today since Insecure is almost done.

    First off, I truly have enjoyed the reviews you two do for this show and others. You are well researched, give a great overview of what happened on screen and I love that you often come at things from different perspectives. I hope you two do reviews for some other things next year but, if not, please know that you are appreciated and will be missed.

    So this episode was awesome and chaotic. I think it’s going to require a couple of rewatches for me to catch a lot of things that I probably missed. A lot happened!

    Loved Molly and Taurean this episode. Molly has been so much less pressed this year and much more honest and vulnerable. That’s how you build trust with yourself and others. I love her growth. Taurean has been great too. Loved seeing such a fun side of him. This entire season he’s been a great contrast to the other men on the show. He’s confident (not insecure), thoughtful, consistent, proactive and hella grown. That relationship is going to feel much easier and safer for Molly. I think he’s going to be good for her as this show goes off into the sunset.

    I loved the contrast between Nathan’s talk with Arick and Lawrence’s talk with Chad. Nathan took Arick’s advice with a grain of salt. You have to know which friends are going to give you constructive advice and which ones trend towards chaos. He still ended up fighting, but… he at least paused to think on it first and I think it was less about Arick advising it and more about Lawrence baiting him into it.

    As much as Lawrence has grown, why is he taking relationship advice from Chad? That was not the setting to make some big romantic pronouncement. Did he expect Issa to just break up with Nathan right there and run off with him? I also really really didn’t like him stepping in Issa’s path as she tried to walk away. Made me uncomfortable in the same way as him yelling at Congrats to “shut up” during their big fight after the baby was born.

    Lawrence gets impulsive when he thinks he’s not getting what he wants. Sometimes you have to just learn to sit with things that are out of your control and allow space for other people to think and feel differently than you. Issa has told him pointedly that the baby changed things for her. What has changed with that situation other than Lawrence really wanting her back? What has he done to address what she’s feeling? He’s had plenty of opportunity to reach out to Issa to talk about how they could make this work with the baby. He only approached her in this situation because Conundrum had left and because that pissing contest with Nathan irritated him.

    At this point, I don’t think Issa needs to be with either of them. Lawrence is pressed and impulsive and Nathan is a runner, emotionally. He will literally leave you standing alone at a party with people staring at you looking scared and embarrassed. It’s going to require a lot of work for her to ever feel truly safe with that man. I feel bad for Issa in all of this. Not because I think she’s going to be alone, but because I think she feels these are her only options. Hopefully in the finale she can get to a more secure place.

    This is a lot of writing. Is this normal? I’ll stop now.

    Thank you two again for all of the time you’ve given to this show and your reviews.


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