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PG 316: Soul Soles – Hoes, Toes and Go-Pros

Rod and Justin discuss Justin’s new business venture, giving away work food, Rod job update, Omicron changing things back, big car repair bill vs buying a new car, Justin shot ball outside, listener feedback and news.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod, Justin, and hopefully Karen,

    It’s Angela again. I wanted to say just how welcomed and special I feel that Justin pointed out that he thought I hadn’t written in before. This is what I meant by my feedback for the last week’s episode when I wrote you all have created a wonderful, fun, and informative space for us. You know who your listeners are.

    I had only written in once before last week’s feedback email and it was probably one for Balls Deep Sports (I usually write into the non-premium shows and support Karen’s right to love but not ever eat Arby’s). I am the person who wrote in about the Black Girl Hockey Club and how much I love the most racist sport ever perpetrated on humanity. I actually think Indigenous folks started the game of hockey, Black folks finessed and improved it, and white folks just did what they always do.

    Anyway, thank you for your sweet welcome to the PG and BDS community! Besides hockey, I don’t even follow sports that much and I love it. You guys bring your own flavor and perspective on sports and I am so happy I signed up for Premium so I could join in on the fun.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Angela

    The whole segment of Rod asking Justin business plan questions had me officially deceased. Where else can we get content like this? I had no idea Justin was serious. Lord don’t get abducted while taking pictures in the woods Justin. Rod got a writing gig in NYC. Justin is headed for Foot Pimp of the Year. This show is amazing. It is truly a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin,

    I hope the end of the disastrous year that is 2021 finds you well.

    As the year winds down and COVID prepares to become the sequel filled illness version of The Fast and the Furous (Did you read The Rock’s response to that Fast 10 tomfoolery that Vin Diesel spouted?), there is so much quality entertainment available to us. On streaming services, you have the second season of Southside (HBO Max); Witcher and Don’t Look Up (Netflix); the fabulous reappearance of my boy Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin (Hawkeye on Disney +, I have never been a Boba Fett lover, so I am waiting for more reviews to come in before watching that show); Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song (Funimation); The Wheel of Time (Amazon Prime). On cable we had the end of Insecure and Curb (HBO), damn Larry and and Leon truly are a match in hot-mess heaven; Yellowjackets (Showtime); this show is really good, and The 4400 (CW); it’s the pro-Black, pro-diversity show all the Twitter works claim they want, yet I don’t see anyone talking about it. Last, but most definitely far from least is the excellence we got at the movies from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Tom Holland was actin’! and leave it to Feige and Company to correct that comb-over mess Sony put on Jamie Foxx during his first run as Electro.

    As 2022 looks to be a seemingly never-ending continuation of the moron-based nightmare that that is COVID, I hope we continue to get moments that provide us with momentary reprieves from out reality, as the dummies among us won’t be happy until they have brought about the end of life as we know it, in their quest to “Own the libs.” Regardless of what the future holds, I look forward to the moments of levity and straight-talking common sense we get from you and Karen, and the non-stop nonsense we get from Justin.


    Sigh, thought this day would never come.

    Sup, Rod, Karen & Jebron James

    Yep, LeBron is a fucking moron for that Spider-Man meme. Just dumb. Of the things people ask of him to participate in, I get why he does pick his spots. The universe is too vast to talk about everything. Doing that, we’ll have brain matter everywhere like that dude from David Cronenberg’s Scanners. Among the NBA players who have fallen short on the topic of COVID-19, Bron’s on the list. He didn’t wanna ruffle any feathers with his colleagues in the NBA, but he failed here. You literally created a school for children, partly, because society has failed. Like bruh, teachers & even students of his I Promise school, are probably looking at him like, “Nigga, when did you turn into any stupid ass character from Idiocracy?”

    I say this all the time: Propaganda kills people. I literally meant it in the way I said it, in which, it does & you could point to any part of history, where someone or a group (i.e. racists) spread that shit like wild fire, throughout the press, civil rights groups, etc. It causes mistrust, framings, violence & so on. Social Media is a literal cesspool of it with no sign of stopping, because people are just gonna people & LeBron, whether he likes it or not, weaponized that meme to the people that despise him, including those who like him, as well.

    As im writing this, i haven’t read Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s column on this matter, especially this regarding on the legacy of LeBron James. Sadly, it counts. It counts like him overcoming a 3-1 deficit to the 2016 Warriors, back-to-back Championships with the Heat & his recent ‘chip with the Lakers. He’s in the same fuckboi enterprise with Draymond Green, Kyrie Irving, Cole Beasley & other athletes, who are “asking questions” just to be dismissive jackasses.

    Countless lives have been lost to this virus that was honestly avoidable, if the Trump administration just allowed scientists to contain this mess, we wouldn’t be fighting for our lives against this mess, but fucking alas. People refuse to point their fingers at the actual problems of the world & make inaccurate memes to justify their stupid bullshit. Lebron is in that category & im walking away from him, just like Ethan Hawke walked away from Denzel Washington did near the end of Training Day. Been a pleasure, bruh.

    Happy New Year & many more for y’all in the new year. Love you all. Peace.

  5. PamelaM8

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin – got a long comment regarding cars and car service. I didn’t get my first car until I was 28, never had money like that; walked around, took the bus to work and school, borrowed cars from family members for grocery trips. On the struggle for years and every time I got ahead (single mother tax refund time! mad dollars!), here comes some thousand dollar repair bills. It’s only been the past ten years that I’ve been able to have newer cars and only the last five years that I’ve had a little fund specifically for car maintenance and it’s the only car that I have. So best believe if there’s anything going on with my car, like at all, I’m going to the dealership for service, including adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule. And now, the dealership is sick of me; you can hear them sighing when they hear it’s me calling! Whatever, gotta take care of mine! Thank you for the highly relatable content and Happy New Year to all!

  6. RoninRaphael

    There has to be T-shirts or some merch representing the Toe Pimping Union. I laughed so much at the whole toe modeling section. You guys are great and I am so glad to no longer be a freeloader, so I can enjoy all these greatness. I love you all. Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

  7. Marissajenae619

    I’m team Honda CRV like Momma Morrow. Bought mine new in 2017 and whenever I need to replace it (they last a long time) I’m getting the same one.

    Sidenote it took me so long to realize Justin was not kidding about this only fans…I’m still not convinced…

  8. Tommydeee

    Pretty Toe-knee. Expanding into kneecap. Ashy knees to be exact.

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