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BDS 426: But She’s…

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Candace Parker cheating accusation, Lawrence Taylor arrested, Ayesha and Steph open marriage rumor, Tristan Thompson update, Jake Paul boxing match fix allegations, Urban Meyer mad, Trae Young engaged to Shelby Miller, NHL shutting down early, Aaron Rodgers, Stephen A Smith got Covid, Kyrie think he Muhammad Ali, Cole Beasley got the Covid, Al Horford’s sister deletes tweet, Antonio Brown update, Anti-Vax kick boxer dies of Covid, Aldon Smith DUI details, MJ going into busines with his son, KD says 8th grader played terrible basketball, college football forfeits, Larsa Pippen OnlyFans, woman proposes to man at Colts game and “Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!”


  1. rodimusprime

    Sigh, thought this day would never come.

    Sup, Rod, Karen & Jebron James

    Yep, LeBron is a fucking moron for that Spider-Man meme. Just dumb. Of the things people ask of him to participate in, I get why he does pick his spots. The universe is too vast to talk about everything. Doing that, we’ll have brain matter everywhere like that dude from David Cronenberg’s Scanners. Among the NBA players who have fallen short on the topic of COVID-19, Bron’s on the list. He didn’t wanna ruffle any feathers with his colleagues in the NBA, but he failed here. You literally created a school for children, partly, because society has failed. Like bruh, teachers & even students of his I Promise school, are probably looking at him like, “Nigga, when did you turn into any stupid ass character from Idiocracy?”

    I say this all the time: Propaganda kills people. I literally meant it in the way I said it, in which, it does & you could point to any part of history, where someone or a group (i.e. racists) spread that shit like wild fire, throughout the press, civil rights groups, etc. It causes mistrust, framings, violence & so on. Social Media is a literal cesspool of it with no sign of stopping, because people are just gonna people & LeBron, whether he likes it or not, weaponized that meme to the people that despise him, including those who like him, as well.

    As im writing this, i haven’t read Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s column on this matter, especially this regarding on the legacy of LeBron James. Sadly, it counts. It counts like him overcoming a 3-1 deficit to the 2016 Warriors, back-to-back Championships with the Heat & his recent ‘chip with the Lakers. He’s in the same fuckboi enterprise with Draymond Green, Kyrie Irving, Cole Beasley & other athletes, who are “asking questions” just to be dismissive jackasses.

    Countless lives have been lost to this virus that was honestly avoidable, if the Trump administration just allowed scientists to contain this mess, we wouldn’t be fighting for our lives against this mess, but fucking alas. People refuse to point their fingers at the actual problems of the world & make inaccurate memes to justify their stupid bullshit. Lebron is in that category & im walking away from him, just like Ethan Hawke walked away from Denzel Washington did near the end of Training Day. Been a pleasure, bruh.

    Happy New Year & many more for y’all in the new year. Love you all. Peace.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jaker Mayfield,

    I hope all is well.

    They say pride cometh before the fall. The Browns, from injuries to Baker being the QB to Baker being Saucy Kirk Cousins, my Browns have fallen to 7-8 after Baker Mayfield decided to show out with all his accuracy and timing issues against the Packers. Did the Browns get screwed on that final play? Yes. Did Baker serve up three whole picks before that fourth pick? Also yes.

    Side note, Aaron Rodgers can go fuck a cactus with gusto and fuck his penchant for speaking in that specific white passive aggressive responsibility shirking tone whenever he opens his mouth. HOWEVER…if Aaron Rodgers were a free agent and the Browns could sign him? I’d need it to happen to see how I felt about it. Goddamnit. Baker the right formula of thoroughly mediocre where I don’t know what the Browns are gonna do about him and I’m out here pondering if the Browns should sign an anti vaxxing bastard I’d glad boot down that pit from “300”.

    White people wanted Baker to be that dude so badly they ran off OBJ to LA, where that nigga is *balling*.

    After years of watching LeBron James languish against the Cavs bountiful supply of old and/or sorry niggas? The Lakers look like that except they play later at night. LeBron is obviously balling but that Rockets game was some old men bullying some children, goddamn. Should the Lakers consider keeping LeBron at the five and moving Anthony “Mr. Glass” Davis to four? Davis can play the four, right? Davis is tall, so he’s got that going for him?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful New Year and thank you as always for the dope content.

  3. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and New York Knicks
    j-quipment manager!

    Brother. You had one job! And you couldn’t get that right! Immanuel quickley has his name spelled wrong on his Jersey the other night, against the pistons! I guess you can say: it was done TOO quickly! But it’s a typical Knicks gon knick move!

    Big Ben is saying this might be it! After this upcoming Monday game! I for one surely hope so!
    His time in the nfl has definitely been up and it’s time to retire. Should the Steelers start to rebuild and get a qb through the draft or shop around the league? If it’s true that russ leaving the Seahawks should he maybe look at the Steelers??

    Lastly happy birthday to the KANG

    Out here dropping 30 plus a night on these hoes! He getting closer to passing Karl Malone for second, but is the Kareem record out of reach?

    Appreciate you guys all year long

    Happy new year and all the best for 22!

    Fyahworks signing out!

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