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TNO 179: Making It Rain From Space

Rod, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, video game blamed for school shooting, Penguin spinoff show, Playstation executive caught in sting, Tesla wilding, billionaire plans to hand out cash from space,  Cyberpunk settlement, Cowboy Bebop canceled, streamer banned for saying cracker, the Navy has a laser weapon, Splinter Cell remake, Mega Man adaptation at Netflix, Bungie’s HR head steps down, Twitch suspends Amazon Prime video channel, Ubisoft mass exodus, dino egg shows they’re like birds, John Wick delayed, game wants to add school shooting level, tasting the TV screen, Peter Dinklage on GoT fans, Spider-Man: No Way Home Oscar push, Playstation store sale and TikTok class action lawsuit.


  1. Felix

    Hi Y’all, Felix here. Hope everyones having a happy new year. I’m already going out of my comfort zone in terms of work opportunities so hopefully that goes smoothly. Can’t wait for this episodes guests as usual.

    First of all, just wanted to agree with everything you guys said about the whole “cracker” discourse last episode. It was a pleasant surprise hearing y’all cover it since I’m a huge Hasan Piker Stan for reasons that should be obvious (he’s incredibly attractive haha). I watched that all go down in real time and it was wild lol. It’s so painfully obvious these guys pretending to be upset are rehashing 2014 gamergate ass talking points and it’s insulting they thing us grown folks would fall for that shit and it’s sad to see the younger folks fall for it.

    A part of this also probably comes from the fact that while he’s white passing, the really racist folks dont like that he says he’s basically white and always look for opportunities to cancel him every week at this point. It’s understandable some of the not racist folks are falling for the rhetoric because a lot of them are young and white and will fall for the rhetorical arguments if they haven’t come across them before and take them at face value. I just find it hilarious that the people who pushed the narrative on that are the same white male twitch streamers who are known for their vehement defense of why they should be allowed to say the N word in extremely specific circumstances without any backlash. Was sad to be out of content fromy favourite streamer Hasan for a week but I just got caught up on other streamers I watch while working until he came back. Good on him for sticking up for his mods and being ride or die.

    Also shout-out to him and a lot of the big male streamers sticking up for pokimane this week after that mess happened. Another instance of folks with no life experiences falling for gamergate ass talking points from bad actors. Hopefully they all learn better like folks did back in 2014 (me included smh, thankfully I found you guys so I didn’t fall into the whole rabbit hole).

    Last aside, on the cowboy bebop cancellation, while I feel bad for Mustafa (he was excellent in it), I was celebrating it. This was mostly because as an animation purist, I didn’t think it needed to exist when the anime is already perfection and can’t be topped (which the show proved imo). It’s more of a matter of taste but I didn’t think it was bad also just to clarify. I enjoyed it fine i just wished it did more things differently to justify its existence. It was a tad too close to just being the anime but with real people and the action wasn’t as “sweet” as it could’ve been considering the anime has some of the most legendary animators of all time animating the action which make it iconic. Not being able to replicate yutaka Nakamura’s iconic action from the first episode or much of the rest of his work when he’s heavily influenced by the movies the show stylistically mirrors in its direction is a big miss. I did like how they expanded on the geopolitics of the show though, the anime kinda blows past stuff like that given its episode length but the show for to do a bit more with that that I liked. All in all it was fine but I’m not invested in the live action enough to be sad it’s done. Just hope the staff land on their feet with more fitting material.

    Lastly, I have to say, episode 2 of The book of bona fett was the first time I’ve felt happy watching a star wars thing since the final clone wars season. I’ve kinda fallen off since the rise of Skywalker and with the novels not grabbing me and the comics also not being for me I was starting to think I was done but the bona fett show of all things got me back. I was expecting something a lot less heartfelt and wholesome so being given something with this much heard and so little macho bullshit, I’m pleased. Ming-na wen looks great and all the new and returning characters are done justice. I’m looking forward to every episode now.

    Lastly, I know I say this everytime Bendis breathes at this point but bruv, the fuckers gone and done it again. He’s really going full speed ahead with the legion of superheroes agenda with the current legion Vs Justice League book and now the new animated series he’s working on. If it ends up getting picked up and happening he’ll be in my top 5 white men of all time list for sure. Him and Jonathan hickman are Eck and neck haha.

    Anyway, love y’all, Felix out.

  2. Truenotes1

    First off, props to Disney! They made me like a character that I hated and always thought was overrated. This Book of Boba Fett has been amazing. For a character that G. Lucas wasted in the original trilogy. Favreu, Kennedy and Rodriguez have made him amazing. And the Danny Trejo cameo had me smiling from ear to ear. But my biggest fanboy scream came when Black Krrsantan (or Black Stan as I like to call him) appeared. That’s that Disney synergy people don’t talk about. At this point, you can’t call yourself a fan if you don’t read those comics or watch the animated shows. Hopefully Doctor Aphra shows up on a show next. Thanks for all you guys do.
    P.s. That Peacemaker is flames!


    Twitter lied to me about Arkham Knight, y’all. So I just started playing it consistently since Xmas. I initially had it, once I first got my XBOX One, but now im just getting to it. Really fun game. While I get folks point with the Batmobile, I just don’t really agree. I do wish there was more pursuit chases than Batman KO’ing Drones via his “non-lethal” tank, I was fine with it. You really do get to live out your “I’m Batman” fantasy, throughout the campaign. Even the story is solid. It’s not as good as City, but the narratives threads for how Bats is in the state he is, has stellar follow-through. I just got Origins & plan on going through that, at some point. Knight got unfairly fried, at least on consoles.

  4. EandJ2015

    Thank you for recommending Gunk for Xbox!!! Played all day on Christmas. As always thank you for a wonderful show.

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