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PG 318: Comedy As A Sign Of Safety

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss fact checking live, safety manifesting as comedy, Curb, progressives being less combative with dems, TBGWT anniversary, For Colored Nerds is back, a bunch of TV shows Rod is watching, Rod’s new job and listener feedback.

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  1. rodimusprime

    What’s good y’all,

    You don’t need me to tell you but your television taste is *chef’s kiss*. I binged Abbott Elementary to get caught up. Janelle cuts the fuck up from start to finish every episode and it’s amazing. I also love Sheryl Lee Ralph’s character, she’s so subtly hilarious and really anchors the main cast. Also South Side?! I’ve watched almost all of the first two seasons in the last couple of days and it’s the best. I fell out when they were having that alderman debate and he said “he wasn’t Black at Yale, he was Dominican in jail!” This show has such rich characters. And it’s that level of writing where literally everything is funny. You know every joke is gonna hit and every story line is going to have a satisfying return.

    Speaking of South Side and podcast recommendations, I’d definitely recommend y’all add “My Momma Told Me” to your rotation if you haven’t already. The host, Langston Kerman, plays the alderman candidate on South Side and also writes on the show. The premise of the podcast is that each episode a guest comes on to discuss/unpack their favorite Black conspiracy theory and it’s always a good time. He’s had Roy Wood Jr., Rae Sanni, Shalewa Sharpe and those are just the niggas that have been on TBGWT lol!

    Lastly, I just wanna say that I love y’all. According to Rod and Justin, I feel like the highest praise I can give the show is that I had my daddy in my life (he passed a few years ago) and he was great and I still fuck with y’all- I’m not even out here trying to fill any fatherless voids, I come strictly for friendship, community, and the fire content.

    Thanks as always for the great shows and I’ll talk to y’all again soon.



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