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BDS 428: Act The Fool

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Wizards’ broadcaster misspeaks, Nate Hobbs DUI, Antonio Brown wilding out again, Urban Meyer accused of racist tactic, Big Ben retiring, NASCAR driver gets Let’s Go Brandon sponsor, Tristan Thompson cops to fatherhood, Myles Bridges rap song, Rockets dysfunction, TN politician ejected from HS basketball game, Sterling Shepard divorce, Wonderlic eliminated by NFL, Kyle Kuzma roasted for defending billionaires, Larsa Pippen, Allen Iverson groupie gang, woman hit with basketball demands apology, Mina Kimes gets rude email, Rachel Nichols settles with ESPN, WFT name might’ve been spoiled, Portis gets 6 months, Bud Dupree wanted for assault and NBA All-Star voting.



    Hey, Rod, Karen & Jrian Flores.

    Simply put, I don’t care what the behind-the-scene issues were, this is textbook for the recurring inanity with The Miami Dolphins & The NFL’s axing of more black coaching talent. God forbid if Pittsburg gets rid of Mike Tomlin, if the Kansas City Chiefs cook their outmatched asses 62-7 or more. At this point, the only thing that’s keeping me from singing a spiritual, is jokes, because I’m out of tears & rants about the league.

    Now, back to Flores for a moment, by the time he got to the Dolphins they were fucking basura. The fact in his first year, they finished 5-11 is nothing short of a miracle. Then he followed it up with two straight winning seasons, yet Stephen Ross’s Trump-lovin ass is done with him now. Regardless of what happens in 2022, it’s another rebuild for them, from a coaching personnel standpoint. Tua’s kinda ehh, but I got a feeling he’ll be out the door soon, even if his progress is incremental, if not elite, to the standard Justin Herbert set for QBs in their 2nd-year. Deshaun Watson will probably be the QB for them, selling their dumb souls for a dude with numerous sexual assaults suits. I mean, I’m a Carolina Panthers fan & I see what he got at QB. Deshaun is better than Darnold by lightyears & I don’t want that guy on my roster, but I’m pretty sure Stephen Ross will risk it all. Take it easy, y’all.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Jussell Westbrook,

    I hope all is well.

    Russell Westbrook has been one of my favorite players since he got to the league for two reasons: he’s incredibly fun to watch *and* he ain’t play for any team I rooted for. But this nigga chucking up these bricks is gonna fuck up things for LeBron James. Does Russy have an incentive in his contract for shot *attempts*? Justin, what the hell are the Lakers doing?

    It must be hard seeing your squad lose to the permanently down bad and going out sad Sacramento Kings. Couldn’t be me cuz the *6th in the East* Cavs beat the Kings the other day. Then, shouts out to JL Cauvin, the Cavs went to Utah and put them through a table. The I-Fell Tower wasn’t out there to impede Utah, so what was their excuse? Sure, Captain Baguette and Whiteside were out with COVID, but facts don’t matter when I got shit to talk. And shouts out to Darius Garland for getting into the Cavs records books as the first Cavs player since LeBron James to record a triple double! Even Kevin Love was happy for Garland and that man only smiles on the 1st and the 15th.

    Congrats to Amani’s Niners for making the playoffs and having a quarterback that is tall enough to see over the offensive line cuz it must be nice. Goddamnit I hate Baker Mayfield. Speaking of AFC North QBs I hate, I truly hope Kansas City lowers the boom on Big Ben and pushes that human porta potty down the Stairway to Heaven.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Thank you as always for the dope shows!



  3. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod, Karen, and jalabama crimson tide

    So Monday was the big game! And the favorites was of course Nick Saban and Alabama! I was asked by friends who I got! I normally root for underdogs so I said Georgia! I also said the only tide rolling will be the pods in my washing machine! So said so done congrats to them bulldogs!

    Last week a raider was arrested on a dui,

    This week, on another episode of who got a dui??our contestant is: geno smith, back up for Seattle Seahawks! He allegedly was driving 96mph, refused a breathalyzer, told an officer he had a little dick! And threatened the other officers saying “I’ll fuck y’all up” Well damn geno!

    Lastly would you guys put DeMar derozan in the mvp conversation? They have the best record in the east and have been Atleast in the top 3 all year

    You guys have a great weekend as always

    Fyahworks out

  4. RoninRaphael

    I was almost crying (happy tears) after you played the previous introductions, I honestly didn’t expect you to take the time to do that. This is why you all inspire me to do better in my podcasting. I love you guys and you so great. Also, I do really need to start writing down any sporting topic to send cause by the time I get to my comments and I recall one of Justin’s lines I draw blank. Are ya’ll doing that intentionally to me? Great episode as always

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