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LSG 47: Return Of The Mexican Pizza

New Year, New Recipes! Rod and Karen are setting off 2022 with a banging new episode of Lip Smacking Good. In Spicy News we discuss Impossible food chain restaurants, the closing of the last Popeyes buffet, Chance the Rapper ice cream, new Oreo flavors, Taco Bell bringing back the Mexican Pizza, Arby’s vodka, Whole Foods delivery fee, KFC chicken head, Ireland alcohol tax, IG removing brewery pics and brewery owners are white men. The Meals of the week are Taco Bell’s new wings, Mr. Beast Burger, Nom Wah soup dumplings and Dumpling Monster dumplings. In Cook Dat Nigga Rod discusses chicken thighs with Sienna Sauce and air fried lobster tails. We conclude with your feedsmack on our latest episode. Thank you for listening. We really appreciate your comments as well!

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  1. The.Shay.Dee.Dame

    Thanks for the amazing contact, guys! Pro-tip for warming up transported frozen food:poo it in the air fryer for like 2-4 mins.
    It’s amazing on alllll fried stuff, even though it doesn’t do anything for a burger, unless you rip it apart, warm up the patty, and put it back together.
    Takes deliveries / carry out from “Meh” to “Yaaaaaaaas”!

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