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SMR 388: Encanto

Rod and Karen review Disney’s latest animated film, “Encanto.” We also discuss your feedback from previous reviews.



    Fun film. Watched this after a prior viewing of Resident Evil: Raccoon City. Very colorful, dug the cast & enjoyed the singing.

  2. RoninRaphael

    My daughter called Encanto, MAGIC for the first 2 weeks and all them songs are already on both hers and my Playlist. They were popping, goddamn Lin Manuel Miranda, he needs to calm down. Just like I know all the songs from Vivo (Netflix) so do I with Encanto. Lin Manuel needs to be stopped!

    Another thing that I enjoyed in Encanto along with all that you guys pointed out was the movement of the bodies during the songs. It didn’t matter if it was muscular Luisa or slimmer Dolores or the dads, they all moved in varieties of hip movement that looked natural. I liked that, that’s a culture where dancing is big and it was represented in this movie. I really liked the intro song and was singing it for days. Damn you Lin

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