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2481: The Peendemic

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Nick Cannon back at it, Janet Jackson forgives Timberlake, Tasha K responds to jury verdict, a recruiter goes viral after sharing salary negotiating advice, Snoop Dogg isn’t worried about cancel culture, Spotify adding podcasting content advisories and a former Miss USA dies by suicide.

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Should that recruiter be fired from her job for her Facebook post?
Should that recruiter be fired from her job for her Facebook post?


  1. EvieE

    When Janet said she forgave Justin and wants people to leave him alone, I literally yelled at my tv No! lol. But honestly I don’t hate Justin Timberlake nor have I ever posted anything about him on the internet. What I did hate was the injustice and the optics of the whole situation that she took the brunt of the consequences. A black woman being punished while the white guy basically gets off scott free. I think that’s probably what most people feel. I don’t think people actually hate him. Well except for Britney fans. They really hate him. Petty white people can hold on to a grudge harder than anyone I know.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    I initially was going to vote for a reprimand only, but I turned my vote to a yes. I switched simply because the poster’s tweets dragged Honeywell into it and opened them up to a potential unfair labor practice lawsuit. This may be accepted policy, but the tweet was a case of “Saying the quiet parts out loud,” and opened them up to liability. The poster’s mean-spirited, arrogance in making the posts to “Stunt for the gram” as it were, bit her on the ass. If nothing else, this is yet another reminder that puffing out your chest for clicks is never a good idea. The self-proclaimed Pastor and representative of God (as she described herself in her bio) simply fucked around and found out. I am sure God will hold her down, but Honeywell told her to hit the bricks and I agree with them.

  3. ProfKori

    The only thing about this pandemic that I’ll never get tired of is that truly exceptional, all-the-way banging SONG!

  4. LouLuna

    The Honeywell employee twitter posts is really fascinating. Her mentioning that tweeting about this was personally risky is so strange. When assessing the risks to doing something about pay disparity, this person preferred making a public tweet rather than internally disclosing the pay range more directly to an actual person who could have benefited from their knowledge about the salary. Both are risky, but I think disclosing it could have gotten closer to what she thinks she was trying to achieve with a tweet. But it sadly makes sense why she didn’t disclose. When it comes to her tweeting and wanting to “instill worth” and #BeConfident, this person is clearly putting the onus on individual responsibility, which blames those who have been socialized to expect less. I wouldn’t assume that someone asking for 85K is necessarily lacking in confidence or self-worth. They may just not know or 85K is, to them, a confident ask. I wonder about the choice to” instill worth” and #Confidence into the void for the faceless future interviewee that maybe might could perhaps come across her tweet, as if that is the actionable thing to do. She clearly feels that the policy is wrong, but that is an off-twitter, less public, more long-term internal matter that can be dealt with at Honeywell.

    • ApiafromGermany

      When incomes to writing on the internet it’s the opposite of dance as if noone is watching. It’s write as if everyone was watching. Maybe my supervisor is reading my great comments here? I hope so.

      When my company offered me a steady contract ( its a German thing, its hard to get it. It took me 1.5 years untill they offered it to me. You are very hard to fire with this contract. Practically only if I would do something really bad like driving drunk with my car I got from my company on the job or if the company was in real trouble ) they asked me what I would want to make and ignored my too modest request by offering me about 15% more. I’m very glad they did. Oh me from 3.5 years ago.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    Here where mostly everyone is white I the antivax people look exactly like the sane people.
    Being white isn’t something special here.
    ( my point isn’t that a mostly white country is something we should want this would be the opposite of good. It’s just how it is here)

  6. ApiafromGermany

    A robo dog might be a little creepy but at least it can’t GIVE covid to those homeless people, unlike a cop, especially an unvaccinated one.

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