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BDS 432: Dan Snyder Goes Commando

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Brian Flores suing the NFL, The Washington Commanders, fan kicked out for calling Melo boy, Huskers mascot has to change gesture, Kwame Brown transphobia, Skip Bayless has no personal life, Damon Arnette charged, OL beef, Sharife Cooper cropped out, Spiranac trashes Mahomes family, Jhene Aiko will sing at Super Bowl, Kaepernick heckled, Dan Snyder has new sexual abuse allegation, Kobe and Gianna statue, Jerry West fell out with LA, NBA All-Star news, Michael Phelps accused of hypocrisy on trans-athletes and “Uh Oh, These Niggas Fightin’.”


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jisrael “Stylebender” Adesanya,

    I hope all is well. Or the locals in NYC would say, “What up dunn?”

    Congratulations the LA Rams for winning an enjoyable Super Bowl and Odell Beckham Jr. being the first player to start on a Browns roster and end his season with his a Super Bowl ring! OBJ catching that touchdown was nice to see I reinstalled *Twitter* on my phone so I could once again inquire about Apple Care telling me OBJ was washed. I ask y’all, is there a better ashy to classy story than OBJ this season? Meanwhile, the air on Browns Twitter was thick with copium smoke and folks down horrendous in the name of Baker Mayfield.

    I do wish OBJ a speedy and healthy recovery for his ACL injury but am glad he got to catch a TD in the Super Bowl and moon walk through the endzone. You love to see it. In that same vein, I also wish Rams photographer Kelly Smiley a speedy recovery from her spinal fracture she suffered; if y’all seen video of a white woman falling while talking to Matt Stafford, that’s her.

    Did y’all know Wendell Pierce is from New Orleans? I learned that cuz Bunk was out here with the rest of humanity telling Eli Apple they ain’t forget about his shit talking and that yes, they were gonna jump him. Live by the shit talk, you gone get fried by the shit talk. And it ain’t lost on me Apple went to IG to make his proclamation that folk since his Twitter mentions probably got more heat than Chernobyl.

    Congrats to Israel “Stylebender” Adesanya for shucking *way* up the soft shoe power rankings in the name of Joe Rogan. I don’t give niggas grief about saying nigga in mixed company but fucking hell, at a UFC presser? For Joe Rogan?

    I hope y’all have a great weekend as always. Thanks for the dope content as always!




    What it do, King Rod, Queen Karen & Prince Jike Ryan of The Dan Le Batard Show.

    I did something that I haven’t done for awhile, when it comes to watching Super Bowl halftime shows: I put my phone down & didn’t look at a single tweet. Shit really helped me be more engaged into the show than not. Honestly, I think a lot of the Super Bowl halftime shows I’ve watched, I put my head down & looked at the screen, while trying to watch the game, looking for a terrible joke to hit on Fiddy being upside down or Eminem kneeling for our freedoms. Been spending a lot less time on the bird app, which has helped me not be starving for some FOMO stuff. A lot of things are like that, the problem is, you’ll burn yourself trying to be in the in-crowd. I guess, what I realized, is that in-crowd has a short cycle for caring about things & it’s on to something else. In any case, going to be putting my phone down for future halftime shows, just so I don’t get twitter fingers. This joint was just unabashedly fun, regardless of what generation was watching it, young or old. Mike Ryan was outchea hatin’ for contrarian points. Oh well, a passing white man gotta hate to hate, I guess. People owe Jay-Z a damn apology, but they’re not.

    The game was dope, if not, greatest SB in history dope. Good to see Matthew Stafford bookend his season with three straight game-winning drives in the POs. Good for Cupp getting the MVP, OBJ stuck it to the haters (injury be damned) & Aaron Donald was mean as a motherfucker all night with Von “You Are Not The Father” Miller.

    As for Joe Burrow, I saw some of the hating agenda on the guy, I just can’t get with it. Guess I’m agenda’d out. While I’m happy he didn’t win, because people want him to be the next Teflon Tom so bad, he handled the game the best he could. Dude even handled having a sprain knee well, considering that duct taped ass OL. Haven’t seen someone shout so bad while in pain, since the beginning of Saving Private Ryan.

    Then again, he could be that lady in the press, who fell down & fractured her spine with Stafford doing his best “no sir, not me” impersonation. Anywho, y’all take it easy.

  3. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod, Karen and J McDaniels,

    If “I’m not black I’m OJ” was a person it would be the new head coach for the Dolphins. One thing about the NFL is that it has no low it won’t go. We now have the 49ers getting the benefits of the Rooney Rule while the NFL still won’t hire black coaches. I don’t think the 49ers or Dolphins knew McDaniels was black until they found out the 49ers were getting the picks. Also to add insult to injury Loretta Lynch has signed on to defend the NFL against the Flores lawsuit. Which is in line with the NFL playbook. As with the allegations against WFT they went and hired women to look into that as well. It’s almost like they are doing the “see we hired ____ to defend us so we can’t have a racist or hostile environment to women”. Speaking of that it didn’t take long for more allegations to come out against Dan Snyder. It was literally the next day after announcing the name of the team. But even with all that all is forgiven in my book because we got the G- Funk halftime. I don’t think I have ever been so hype during a halftime. But love the show as always and congrats on the writing job Rod. I look forward to seeing the show when it comes out.


  4. fyahworks

    Welcome back Nyc rod, killa Karen and jhris Paul

    If it’s not one thing it’s another with this guy! The other night cp3 “bumped” a ref reminiscent of lebron bumping coach spo back in the Miami days. And apparently he now had a hand injury that requires an MRI. If he is down for a bit can the suns hold it down till he gets back? He is a very big part of their success the past 2 seasons!

    I was very happy the other light skin gawd (not named Justin) made the all star team! Whether it was injury replacement or not, it was well deserved, and who gonna remember that it was a replacement??

    Tristan Thompson is on the move again! After being traded to the pacers, then waived, the bulls are not signing him. Chicago watch out!

    What were your guys takes on the trades at the deadline! I’m very shocked the kings gave away Halliburton who is a really good player! I feel like some teams just don’t wanna improve or just don’t like nice things…..

    You guys be good

    Fyahworks out

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jay Apple,

    Man the superbowl was entertaining as hell not for what was on the field but what was on twitter. Whew 6 cities formed slander Voltron and ran the internet fade on Eli Apple he got cooked for about 3 days and it was glorious. This man did this to himself, talked hella shit to almost every receiver in the league and under performed every time especially during the playoffs and ended up costing his team a superbowl. The black Eli chose to talk shit about Saints and Giants fans and it did not go well for him later the internet came for him like winter came for the north. I loved to see it.

    Also side note the Bengles use the chant #WhoDey smh if yall dont sit ya’ll great value asses down and let the Black and Gold shine this is why ya’ll lost lol

    Last thing Ben Simmons got traded to the Nets that was a great deal for both sides when they announced him as a player (Ben Simmons press conference; Nets introduced the player) it appears that he said the mental health part was 100% true Philly knew and allowed folks to talk trash about him he didn’t go in directly but some of the side comments made it clear they didnt care for his mental health status when he said something back in 2019/2020.

    Be smooth yall

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