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2504: Carolcare

Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. EvieE

    Maggie continues to be the worst. She’s really no better than most of the other leaders we’ve met along the way. She had the absolute last word on what her community should do without consulting them. That’s the issue. She makes these unilateral decisions with no input. She can rot . Hershel deserve ice cream.

    I loved Eugene and Max’s nerdy love. Now that’s another spin off I’d watch.

  2. HvyWght

    I know TV and movies often have to create a dramatic response to some innocuous “slight” but, c’mon Max! You’re approachin my boy Eugene after he got Bicycle kicked by his first “Love” and dumping the truth on him, how was he supposed to respond?! You knew another woman was using your fake name and, not knowing her nefarious purposes, you were content to leave Tater Bug to his own devices, you shouldn’t get to be the mad one, too! That being said, I’m all about Eugene humbling himself and doing whatever it took to fix it, even stealing Princess key “If you have food, people have to let you in”. As fsr as the pole, Maggie left for a “better” community, first. I wouldn’t feel myself so loyal to her that I couldn’t be convinced to try the same for myself. She really hasn’t even been back all that long. But, I understand Maggie’s skepticism, especially since she couldn’t get a straight answer out of Hornsby. Also, I’m still wondering why these fools would start shooting zombies with the people fighting them in the line of fire!

  3. BigTime

    I’ve been thinking back to this Hornsby scheme on Eugene and he did Eugene dirty by saying he tried to stop it but Eugene was too deep. Did Hornsby know Stephanie slept with him? Cause that part of the plan seemed so unnecessary. If so Hornsby and Stephanie ain’t worth a gah damn. And this Oceanside recruitment went all wrong… fuck the hearts and minds shit they need to be on some hygiene and ice cream—this is lavish shit in a z-poc. Think about all them kids that never tasted ice cream before. One hit of that ice cream and those kids would drive their parents crazy until they entered the commonwealth. Thanks for the recap!

  4. logan2x1

    Hey y’all,
    Seeing as how I’ve told my husband hundreds of times, that I wouldn’t even want to be alive if the zpoc happened. I would definitely jump ship on Maggie. Because when the caravan rolled up on them, they looked ROUGH! I got secondhand embarrassment from that scene. But I agree with her refusal of the deal, they’ve been through too much stuff to get annexed by the commonwealth. Seeing Darryl fall in line and that conversation with Hornsby probably did it.
    I agree with y’all about Eugene. I think it was a mistake that he didn’t tell Rosita the truth about Stephanie/Max, but that he also thinks he’s protecting their crew by not telling. Before she showed up he was looking suspiciously at the lady behind him painting. He now understands how closely they’re being watched. We also know that folks will snitch on each other for a come up. Even Mercer told Darryl that folks are always watching.
    Hornsby is going to be a problem, I can see him going off the rails and killing some folks to get his way.


  5. mizzbarnes

    Also, let me shout out this weeks episode of TWD as the Black Love episode this week. Eugene gets to have a face to face conversation with Max and Carol WILL NOT let her Black King go without that life saving surgery. You love to see it!

  6. mizzbarnes

    Ok, so I voted no in the poll and this is my theory. It’s like, I’ve already been in the struggle and yes, ice cream tastes great, but I’m like, my spidey senses are tingling like hell!!! Something is all the way off with the Commonwealth and I know that, per Fiyastarter, they got the good soap and showers, I would feel that something is off. It’s like Attack on Titan, let me be part of the Scout Regimen and not the Military Police in the interior.
    Even though the Commonwealth may have Arbys and the good meats, no thanks, let me be loyal and skin a wild rabbit for dinner. It will get better….as we can see 6 months down the road for Hilltop.

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