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2518: How To Get Rid Of Critical Race Theory

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Elon Musk buying Twitter, Megan Thee Stallion interview, Viola Davis on critics, Netflix cutting jobs, teacher brings cotton to class, Maino is into slavery play and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    Now that you are back to doing the Coronavirus Report on a regular basis, I wonder if you saw the special Oprah hosted on the Smithsonian Network called The Color of Care. It focuses on COVID and the care/lack thereof Black people receive(d). Watching it just made me remember how I would be shaking my head in agreement, when you and Karen, especially Karen talk about how the true death toll in this pandemic will never be known because of all the people who were turned away from hospitals and medical centers. It is an excellent special that looks at the historic treatment of Black people by the medical field, how that came into play during COVID, and provides data that is up to date as of March 2022. It is 90 minutes long with commercials.

  2. greatunclebob

    It wasn’t Moderna that pump faked the vaccine approval for children under 5, it was Pfizer. It was back in February that they said they wanted more data on doing three small doses vs the 2 shot regiment adults and older kids got. This is Moderna’s first application for children under 5.


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