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SMR 392: Turning Red

Rod and Karen review the latest Pixar film, “Turning Red.”



    Disney/Pixar stays winning. Turning Red extends that streak like Luka hitting a three & smiling in your face talking shit. They’re simply the best at taking an issue like periods & hit the nail on the head. Great film.

  2. RoninRaphael

    Mayne, have I mentioned that you guys are The Best Podcasters IN THE WORLD!

    In my next life, I hope that I have siblings that are similar to you two. I have watched this movie quite a few times thanks to my 3yr old taking an immediate liking to it and you guys still opened me to a lot more. Yes, I was the guy who at the end was “ohhhh the movie was about a girl getting her period” I took the synopsis literally ‍♂️. We need such movies for real, as someone who didn’t school in USA these movies are bringing memories of how much privilege I had as a boy and it begins to make sense why some of the women I have known since childhood see the so called “good old days ” as terrible and want nothing of that for their children especially daughters. There’s a lot that I have taken for granted. Thanks again for this gem of a review.

    I also didn’t realize that was a real boy band from the 90s, I just thought they were fake for some reason ‍♂️

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