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SMR 391: Everything Everywhere All At Once

Rod and Karen review Scifi comedy, “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” We also discuss a few trailers.




    What a ride this amazing movie was. The fights, the dialogue, lessons, grief & growth involving the central characters in EEAAO. Ke Huy Quan, welcome back, my dude, indeed. If Michelle Yeoh is the heartbeat of this film, Quan definitely is the integral soul of it all. Jamie Lee Curtis was in her bag like in this, making wrestlers like Sting proud by hitting dropkicks on sweet fighters like Quan. Stephanie Hsu, who’s the film’s conscience was amazing. My girl killed a cop going Dildo-chucks on him. Using the bagel as a reference for nihilism was kinda perfect. As strange as this movie is, it’s wonderfully layered.

    Also, Rod, I’m super glad you said what you said about Superhero films & indie darlings like this. It doesn’t have to be a fight, both of these can exist in the same place. Look, I really enjoyed the latest MCU entries & The Batman but this was simply wonderful.

  2. RoninRaphael

    Excellent point Karen about the mother and daughter relationships. Thanks for that!

  3. RoninRaphael

    I am so glad that I saw EEAAO on the same day that you guys released your review. This movie is in the same category as Black Panther for me as I came in expecting a good martial arts movie from my auntie Michelle Yeoh and got a great movie. I’m so glad that I gave in temptation and left everything I was doing to go see this movie. I agree with all of your points 5/5 movie however I just wanted to give a special shout-out to the husband character. They took the troupe of Asian men being made to look weak in Hollywood and turned it into a strength. When his billionaire version said to Evelyn “I wouldn’t have minded living in a flat and running a laundry with you.” (I paraphrased there) I was balling in tears along with the kindness line. Sometimes it just feels like I am stupid for being kind you know… the rocks started with laughter and then I balled in tears too. This was me at Black Panther first screening all over again. Great movie, I really needed it!

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