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SMR 390: Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Rod and Karen review the latest entry in the Marvel cinematic universe, “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.” We also discuss trailers and your feedback on “The Batman.”



    Big Bad Wanda Maximoff. A woman with more juice than a Vivian Stiviano juice box. A’ight, joke time over, this film was a lot of fun & less stressful than No Way Home & Eternals. To a lesser extent, less stressful than The Batman. I think it’s a good thing we didn’t get overwhelmed with the possibilities of how bigger this could’ve went. Too much is spent on the idea of these movies being these overarching events. Multiverse of Madness is a self-contained sequel to Wandavision & the first Dr. Strange. Good enough for me. I’m also glad the film didn’t pussyfoot around Wanda being the villain. She caused a lot of trouble post-Endgame. Villainy was the only way for her latest journey. Hela may have to make room for another bad bitch in the top-3 of Villains in the MCU for me (Thanos is still the GOAT tho).

    Really liked the performances from everyone with Elizabeth Olsen being the glue that holds this all together. Benedict Wong got to do more than be the “told this nigga not to do any stupid spells” filler guy & did shit. Underrated actor, as he had to carry dialogue with him not being w/Strange most of the film. Xochiti Gomez as America Chavez was very good. Got better as the movie went along. Whatever she’ll do in these film in time, I hope it’s excellent. Young lady has a bright future like her Tekken-sized punches. The Illuminati was dope, as well. I appreciated their explanation for how Strange can be a foil in other universes, even if it means saving the world. Oh, & Fox, THAT’S how Xavier should’ve been done. Patrick Stewart was awesome in his one-off. My man got the chair & that lovely X-men theme.

    Also, I don’t think I wanna hear another word about Comic Book films being rated R. This shit was PG-13 & mofos died!!!! Black Bolt got killed by his own power, Reed Richards got silly stringed, Captain Carter died valiantly in half & Maria Rambeau also died valiantly. Thinkpieces would probably fry Raimi for that. I don’t. The men should probably take Ls first to someone as powerful as Wanda is.

    It’s colorful, Danny Elfman’s in his orchestral bag with guitars & I liked the post-credits. Gotta start calling Benedict Cumberbatch Anhk Cumberbatch now. Ol’ Third Eye having mofo. Fun ass movie. Can’t wait to see it again.

  2. RoninRaphael

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    MoM was yes yes yesssssss. When Wanda decided that she was done with “being reasonable” and began to attack Kamar-Taj, all I kept picturing was Magneto in the corner applauding and saying “that’s my daughter.”

    The cameos got me, I had recognized Patrick Stewart’s voice from the first trailer, avoided the remaining trailers and spoilers. So I was refreshed seeing them and even happier at their deaths. RIP Black Bolt done right, Marvel can recast them all or bring back the same actors it’s a win.

    I hope Sam Raimi directs another Dr Strange movie. Just go easy on Bruce

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