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2521: Karen Goes Off

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, the Roe V Wade SCOTUS leak, Dave Chappelle attacked on stage, Drake gets petty on the gram, Ray J break silence on sextape, update on cotton picking teacher, GOP official goes full n-word, Welcome To The Cookout™, Burger King shooting, dentists breaks teeth on purpose, Uno shooting and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    Karen, I felt that rant. The abortion issue does not theoretically impact me because I am a woman of a certain age. However, as a woman, and as a human being, I can and do feel for all the women (read poor women) who will not be able to travel out of state or to Canada (who extended the invitation) to get the abortion they want or need.

    I remember the 2016 election when my only goal was not allowing Rump to get any appointees on the court. I knew then, based on the ages of the justices that he would likely get anywhere from 2-4 appointees. I told people, you could hate Hilary if you wanted, but if the thought of Rump having that power didn’t scare you shitless, you were already too far gone to be saved. As for the “I don’t vote, but I run my mouth like diarrhea” crowd, they already know not to address me. From the time I was a teenager and became eligible to vote, I let them know that not voting meant (obviously this does not apply to those whose vote is being suppressed) you forfeited your right to complain about anything. Hell, voter turnout in NYC is so bad, they don’t have to move to suppress your vote until their other plans to strip us our rights have come to fruition in other states because you are throwing your vote away.

    As a born and bred New Yorker, the attitudes of people Up South never ceases to amaze me. Aside from the fact that NY as a city is surrounded by people in the rest of the state who would love nothing better than to return us back to pre-Lincoln days, the city itself is filled with racist, white people. They forget Howard Beach, Staten Island, and all the little enclaves where you know good and damned well your Black ass better not ever find yourself. There is as reason Rudy Guiliani, Mike Bloomberg, and men off that ilk were mayors.

    Karen, I thank you for that rant and I thank you and Rod for continuing to use your soapbox to speak the truth. You might just be preaching to the choir as it were, but in today’s day of people telling you not to believe your lying eyes and ears, we need to know that we are not crazy for thinking and feeling the way we do.

  2. xero13ster@gmail.com

    Thank you Karen for expressing your righteous fury at the Supreme Court’s bullshit opinion. I agree with both of you that these so called progressives who can’t be bothered to protect the rights they claim to care about are worse than useless, they are dangerous. As the opinion leaked their grand strategy has been to blame the Democratic Party and call for not voting in any upcoming elections. This is the same plan they had when Bernie lost. Instead of voting for 85-90% Hilary agreed with Bernie on or the open SCOTUS seat , it was, “the Supreme Court doesn’t matter.”

    The Republicans took what to them were setbacks, the expansion of civil rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights; and founded think tanks and groups like the Federalist Society. The Federalist Society literally groomed conservative law school students so that they could get onto the bench, get onto appeals courts, and eventually the Supreme Court. Part of the reason Trump got the evangelical vote was a promise to choose Scalia’s replacement from the list of nut-jobs the Federalist Society gave him.

    These assholes have been chipping away at Roe for decades, waiting until they had a majority on the court to overturn Roe. Which they got because of the apathy of the fake progressives; the myopia of White Woman TM that voted for the face eating leopard party; and the dedicated evil of the Republican Party.

    Already governors and state legislators are trying to end abortions in their state. Louisiana for example is moving forward with a bill that would mark contraception as the beginning of life and termination of pregnancy would be classified as murder. This not only ends abortion but potentially bans birth control, IUDs, and IVF treatments. Gregg Abbott in Texas is also looking into using Alito’s reasoning to overturn the SCOTUS decision that states have to provide a public school education to all children. Contraception, marriage equality, interracial marriage, Brown v. Board, and the legalization of oral and anal sex were all decided on the same logic as Roe so they are all on the chopping block. People need stay angry and vote.

  3. TanyaW42

    TELL IT KAREN!! You are absolutely right.

  4. Mdiarra

    Phew that anger was RIGHTEOUS!!!! and well warranted. Some of the discourse that I have seen on this has been frustrating to say the least. Most of it has just been pointed towards apathy and nihilism and trying to find ways to point blame at others to absolve them of responsibility.

    I think Rod nsaid it right the first time when he said the one thing Republicans seem to understand more than anything is that if they dont have the votes right now, they move mountain to ensure they have it later on. Meanwhile our side expects every problem to be solved as soon as a Democrat is in office or else we might as well stay home.

    Some of these arguments are so unserious its actually insulting. I saw folks trying to blame Obama and Ruth Bader ginsburg and its like context doesnt even exist.
    First off with the Obama “supermajority” thing, yall thing that if Obama had spent his first 2 years in office trying to codify what everyone from far left to moderate conservatives was established law of the land at the time, DURING THE BIGGEST ECONOMIC CRISIS EVER, everybody would’ve been frothing at the bits to get this man impeached. He wouldn’t have gotten a second term, ACA would be long dead and the stimulus bills would’ve been non existent leaving folks off way worse after the great Recession.

    Folks act like they had the foresight in 2008 to warn folks to codify Roe v Wade in 2008 but also didn’t have the foresight or think that 2016 WOULD BE A BIGGER AND MORE OBVIOUS ELECTION IN WHICH ROE V WADE WAS IN WAY MORE DANGER.

    I think a lot of those apathetic driving folks don’t want to admit is they expected everybody else to do the work, get Hillary elected so they could still pretend to be higher than by just saying “well we didnt vote for this and look yall getting nothing for this blah blah blah.” and still run their purity politics with no fear of reprecussion. And the thing is they’re still on this after all this not recognizing that one election alone wont save us and as Karen said so many times on the pod, its insulting to our ancestors that yall so quick to give up. You know how many years of work organizing voting it took to get progress. It wasn’t just a “well I did it this year and we didn’t get everything I quit”. It was “well I will work through this, if my candidate doesn’t win I will find the next best viable candidate that can help move things along so I can make sure next time I can get more of what I want.”

    All of that to say fuck these unserious motherfuckers cause at this point if you dont wanna stand with us shut the fuck up and let the adults get shit done.

  5. Ste11a

    Thank you, Karen, for expressing your anger and outrage over the Supreme Court leaked decision on Roe v. Wade. Listening to you express your anger was cathartic and healing to me because it embodied my anger. I’ve been trying to keep my rage to a minimum because I didn’t want to go off on the people closest to me. My biggest point of anger is the people that campaigned for people not to vote in 2016 and made arguments that Hillary was worse than Trump. They still won’t admit that they were wrong. It’s all the Dems fault according to them. Someone even wanted to blame Obama. Well, we can only blame the voters that didn’t vote and didn’t take the 2016 election seriously. President Obama and Hillary sounded the alarm about 2016 being the most important election in our lifetime. The Supreme Court and the hundreds of federal judges appointed by Trump prove them right. I feel sick because we know this is just the beginning of what they will overturn. F**k every single person that will continue to sit out elections and let our rights be railroaded.

    One of my favorite parts of your speech (I even tweeted it):

    “I got the right to complain. I got the right to fuss. I got the right to raise hell because I put something on it. I put in on IT! If you didn’t vote, you’re basically saying that whatever happens, happens and you’re willing to live with the consequences…Why are you so loud, when you didn’t want to vote? Why do you have something to say now? Take your ass to the polls if you got something to say. Say it with your chest at the polls…Tweeting doesn’t change policy or legislation. Nobody cares about that.”

  6. PamelaM8

    go OFF Queen Karen!! Let all these MFers know!

    That’s all

    Love y’all


  7. alycecoleman@gmail.com

    I agree 100%. ❤ Alyce

  8. fyahworks

    Hey guys!

    You know I’m so used to Karen, being soft spoken and sweet! And when she does get loud it’s jokes and her infectious laugh! I was taken aback Thursday morning when I heard the passion in her voice! I was like wow! But I also was like wow because I felt everything she said! And Karen, rod is absolutely right! This is your platform, use it! Vent the same way you joke! You did that shit great job and great points!

    You guys rock!!!

    Fyahworks out

  9. Cappadonna

    Even my devoutly Catholic wife call the SCOTUS decision bullshit. She said that this makes every civil rights progress short of the 13th, 15th, and 19th amendments. Gay rights? Gone! Brown vs Board of Ed? See ya!
    And honestly Karen holding back and letting the chopper spray a few days later made the rant more on point.

    Finally note, since they capping at Burger King, I probably should warn my dad and brother when they sneak out for a Whopper when mom makes pops a grilled salmon salad.

  10. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I felt all of Karen’s rage and anger. I am tired. I am exhausted, and I am over the Jackassery of this country.

  11. ApiafromGermany

    Im here for angry Karen and I think she is right.
    Here it’s of course different, abortion isn’t such a big topic in the elections, like ever.
    We have because we don’t have a two party system but a system with multiple parties a compromise solution for abortion and I think it’s a good one.
    You can get an abortion at your doctors office in the first 3 months and later if it’s dangerous for your health or some other factors apply.

  12. IamSashaPierce

    I felt y’all the beginning of this episode. One million percent. I really feel like the Dem leadership in government should just play Karen and Rod’s segment from this show the next time press ask them about the draft SCOTUS opinion on Roe … because we all need to start talking in real and passionate terms about the sh*t Republicans are doing. I’ve grown tired of hearing the tepid “wow, I can’t believe they’re doing this” response, as if each new encroachment on our rights is a surprise. It’s not.

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