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2526: Nudes In Space

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Roe V Wade fallout, gnat attack, nudes in space, feces eating cult, unfortunate Amazon listing, IG trying to look like TikTok, Thandiwe Newton struggling, woman hospitalized for holding in farts, racist Black baby dolls, Air Force racism, Biden HBCU appointments, TikTok star arrested for theft, man caught jacking in a Starbucks, man steals meats from freezer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Whoever made those racist dolls needs their ass beat. That shit was deliberate.

  2. Angela

    Electric flyswatters are the best. They are like tennis rackets and have an amazing amount of electrified surface area. They are so much easier than regular fly swatters. I detest flies. Nothing is more satisfying than frying up one of those bastards. You can see and literally hear the sparks pop when you catch them and then there is that wisp of smoke that rises from their charred, twitching bodies. I enjoy it so much that I probably have a problem but I am okay with that because I don’t belong to a feces-eating cult, the GOP, or attack people with swords.


    • Sean

      Angela, you are not the only one that loves electric flyswatters. My neighbor has a lot of over-watered plants, so there are periods with swarms of mosquitos by my front door. The smell that fills the air after air-frying twenty or thirty of them is something I’ve grown to enjoy, but not as much as the zzzipop when one of them lands just right.

  3. Yaytoonday

    We need the details on your weed experience.

  4. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Five Stars for everything you two do for our culture.
    The Nursing home story…I am done.
    Nudes in space…why? Most humans do not understand their bodies.
    Lastly, the Air Force story…they tried it!

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I can see someone buying sex positive clothes for kids and that’s how:

    I live in a country where the regular language isn’t English. I’ve seen already people walking around in shirts with confusing messages on them considered who those people are. They might just not know what the text on the shirt means.

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