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BDS 441: My Nuts Bigger Than Yours

Rod, Justin and Karen listener feedback, NFL might get rid of the Pro Bowl, Kaepernick gets workout with Raiders, DeShaun Watson updates, Kurt Bush divorce, LIV Golf updates, Bob Cousy responds to JJ Redick, Mark Haynes old tweets, KAT surprises Jordyn Woods, Haskins’ toxicology report, Kawhi might’ve gotten engaged, Javon Kinlaw goes in on reporter, Shannon Sharpe defends Bronny’s prom date, Sha’Carri’s ex admits to abuse, Jon Gruden wins court battles vs NFL, Norman Powell deals with crazed woman and Uh Oh, these nigga’s fighting!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Liz Jambage,

    I hope all is well.

    Who do y’all got for the Finals? Are y’all pulling for the Warriors like fine upstanding Black folks? Or, are y’all rooting the Celtics like a bunch of wayward Negros who weren’t raised right? I almost feel bad saying that cuz if the Celtics were the same team in a different city? I’d just be rooting for an exciting NBA Finals. But since it’s Boston, I hope the Warriors put the Celtics in the dirt.

    I know Jaylon Brown’s shot selection gonna be extra rough but maybe not as rough as his agent choice. Kanye West? Naw but for though, I hope Brown’s money doesn’t get fucked up in this venture with Kanye and, as is the case with Kanye lately, I hope that dude is alright. Damn.

    Liz Cambage out here calling the Nigerian national team monkeys was sad as shit to see, especially with her denying it *and* being part Nigerian too. Like I get *why* she’d deny it but unless she massively tanked quoting Pimp C, this is a bad look.

    Shouts out to LeBron James on becoming a *billionaire*. What is more likely to happen: The Lakers ask LeBron to bail them out of Russell Westbrook’s contract or MJ starts working on becoming a trillionaire?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful week and thanks as always for being so dope!




    Hey Rod, Karen & The Jiami Heat.

    We had no business even being within a Jimmy Butler shot from winning that game, but, you know, I’m not even upset. I should be, considering, I didn’t get my desired outcome. Boston nearly blew this game after giving it to us all game. The refs taking three away from us, was soul-crushing. Wish they didn’t do that. It is what it is, though, with us nearly overcoming that. Certainly Bam & Jimmy had more consistent help. Anyway, guess I’m going with those Goddamn Boston Celtics over The golden State Warriors. Sigh, gotta keep Steph’s cold-blooded ass at 3 rings. Peace, y’all.

  3. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin (Was gonna say Jiz Cambage but that just sounds wrong)

    I guess we need to revoke our thirst for Liz Cambage. Girl going out sad. She really channeled her full White Australian half and told those Nigerians to go back to Africa. Calling them Monkeys and shit. I know shes denying the accusation, but dog its too many folks from both teams there who were saying that shit was foul. I know the WNBA tends to be more woke than the NBA so Im a little bit surprised nobody on her team or the WNBA said anything about it.

    Sidenote, I know at this point its a stereotype, But why is it always the Biracials with the white moms that be wylin like this. I’m about two “Biracials with white moms” related racism incidents from joining Dr. Umar and Louiss Farakhann in calling for a Black man moratorium from impregnating White women. We need an Executive Order from Joe Byron to stop the Black Dad-White Mom to Coon pipeline.

  4. chubbzero

    Happy juneteenth month to you Karen, rod and jeven j. Smith. After the recent tragedy in Texas I seen Stephen a commenting on it. He was basically saying he was for gun control but he tried to play the both sides are the problem by saying its ALL politicians. When in reality we know it’s Republicans that’s the problem. It frustrated me because no one on the panel challenged him on this. If there was ever any proof that he’s Republican and he and Sean Hannity are friends was in that conversation. Alright y’all. Have a good weekend!

  5. Banger316

    Hey rod, karen, and justin this is banger aka lover of persona from twitter, and i have to say while i have no fucks to give about the actual nba finals cause barring injuroes to gsw i think we all know how its gonna end, so a preemptive congrats to steph and crew on ring #4.

    However, what i do care about is my petty agenda. You see skip bayless aka applecare told me that lebron making it to 8 straight finals out of the east is nothing, and anyone could have done it. Yet here we are 4 yrs post lebron in the east and 4 count em 4 diff teams bos/mil/mia/tor have made it to the finals with no repeats, almost like what lebron did is something absolutely legendary and no one in the modern era can ever hope to replicate which is just another reminder for how important it is to give him his flowers now and appreciate how lucky we are as basketball fans to see him perform, well with that said yall have a good day and keep up the great work.

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