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PG 332: My Babies

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin’s trip to Charleston, That Damn Michael Che season 2, Akeem Ali, We Need To Talk About Cosby, We Own This City, Conspirituality TikTok Cults, Mo’nique vs DL Hughley, listener feedback and news.


  1. fyahworks

    Greetings pop-pop, Karen, and Justin

    Last week PG was classic my babies! Lol

    It’s the organic vibes for me!

    Anywho I wanna thank pop pop aka rod for getting the HBO job, which in turn got me to get HBO max! After I was done with game theory, I watched winning time, which I enjoyed, and right now I’m wrapping up we own the city with JLs boy, Jon bernthal! Have you guys checked it out yet?

    Also have you guys seen the new season the black girl sketch show? I didn’t even know it was back! I’m gonna check that out next.

    Also is south side coming back?

    Just gotta thank you guys for the show recommendations on tv and podcasts! And just the good laughs , good vibes and you got a fan/supporter in me for life!!! (10 years and counting)

    Have a good one

    Fyahworks out!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin!

    This email is for Justin! Have you heard about Nene Leakes? She is out here allegedly stealing husbands! Has Greg been dead a full year yet? She is like Porscha out here still these African Rich men from their wives. I posted a link to an essence article and a screenshot from a tweet with Greg’s daughter saying Nene got with Greg when he was married too. I remember when Nene used to call Kim a whore and told her KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED TO MARRIED MEN!

    Alright that is it. I am just here to be messy..



  3. Slickbarber

    Hi Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    Karen I remember that graduation at FSU. That was my sophomore year at FSU and I sang in University Choir. Our final exam was to sing at graduation. You were right folks got to booing people near the end as everyone was ready to go. The thing that kills me at college graduations is that there are 5-7 people that get up to give a welcome. Well their welcome speech takes at least 10 minutes. By the time the main speaker is ready to give their speech people are ready to leave. Thanks for the great the show.

  4. RoninRaphael

    Hi Papa Rod, Lady Karen, and the manager Supreme Justin.

    I was waiting for Justin’s breakdown on why Monique needed to run like she did after saying what she said. I believe with his professionalism in managing artists, he is the only one suited to tell us the why. Over to you Sir!

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