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BDS 442: Monkeying Around With Liz Cambage

Rod, Karen and Justin are joined by Dominic Rivera of The Mind With Dom Podcast to discuss listener feedback, NBA playoffs, Liz Cambage with the ‘cism, Lebron is a billionaire, Jaylen Brown signs with Kanye, Josh Donaldson apology, NFL working with HBCUs, Lionel Messi had long covid, Jeff Gladney dies in car crash, Nick Saban updates, Jerry Jeudy charges may be dropped, Marion Barber found dead, Madden on the cover of Madden, PGA tour winner dies in car crash, LIV tournament update, DeShaun Watson update, Jay Cutler’s friend’s wife revealed, Kayla Nicole, Mike Ditka looking rough, radio host punished, Brittany Mahomes preggers again, QB smokes weed to celebrate TD, fantasy football fighting, NHL sexual assault investigation, James Worthy is old, NASCAR needs to work on inclusion, JJ Watt knocked up his old ball and chain and Kent Bazemore looking for his clubs.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jichard Jefferson,

    I hope all is well.

    I’m glad Draymond Green said he played like shit last night cuz it means his self awareness at least works better than his jumper. Are the Warriors cooked? At this rate, how much longer does Draymond have to stay on the floor before the Celtics have send him a championship ring?

    Do y’all consider Richard Jefferson to be old? I know he’s 41 years old but listening to this nigga rant about how the NBA shortening the season was “coddling” players had me thinking I was watching a Benjamin Button time lapse. I even forget this nigga can’t grow facial hair! I’m fine with a shorter NBA season cuz these games do wear player’s bodies down and there’s probably a quality/quantity argument towards shorter NBA season. And the NBA seems like the only pro sports league that would even consider this; baseball owners would play 200 games a year and qualify the entire league for the playoffs if they could; I can’t wait to hear the NFL start cooking up arguments for an 18th game (I think the regular season would be fine at 14 games). What do y’all think?

    Shouts out to Jenny Vrentas of the New York Times for that investigative article about Deshaun Watson. Watson’s lawyer basically said, “well all the women aren’t suing him” and Vrentas’ article shows that they probably could, cuz this nigga was *habitual* with it. Texans setting him up with hotel rooms and their security head giving Watson an NDA? Goddamn.

    Cleveland gave this nigga a *historic* bag to probably ride the oak for part of the season too? Cuz on the football side of things (that transition felt weird to write), I don’t think Watson in Cleveland will work out for two reasons: 1) Browns winning 11 games rotted folks brains so now they’re on some Super Bowl or bust shit and 2) As Justin has said for years, “It’s *Cleveland*”. Baker Mayfield still on the roster too? This shit shaping up to fall apart. Also, the Chargers announcing their season with an anime video has me rooting for them this season. Go Chargers.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the dope content as always!


  2. fyahworks

    Hello Rod,Karen & Justin Del rio

    I feel a Ray Lewis drop coming on…….

    1) Jack del rio of the Washington commanders, commanded some attention when he called Jan 6, insurrection, a “DUST UP”
    A dust up jack? Just call them Niggaz!

    Of course he came with the PR apology but to say that a year and change Removed from that horrible day is very irresponsible!

    2. rams look like they running it back giving kupp a pay day as well as Aaron Donald! Do you guys think AD finessed the rams? Or was he really gonna retire?
    3. Lastly I wanted you guys opinion on a topic! There’s been a lot of talk about todays players playing in other areas (80s, 90s, in particular) it’s easy to say in hindsight yes or no! But do you think some of todays players could play in those eras? If so who?

    Appreciate you guys week in and week out

    Have a good one

    Fyahworks out!!

  3. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jeshaun Watson,

    God damn the New York Times stay doing their investigative reporting dont they. The more you find out about this case the more you’re wondering how badly the prosecutors in Houston messed up. I feel like they did about as much investigating as the Browns. 66 Message therapists! The texans drafting up NDAs for his ass! Giving him a private room for his “massages”. Like god Damn. Also finding Massage “therapists” on instagram!?!?!? Im tired of folks trying to give this man the benefit of the doubt.

    Also the responses by the lawyer in the NYT article was a whole trip. Such ridiculously lawyer answers to the point where it wasnt even, “he never did this shit”. IT was like “But I meannn he dont recall it happening like THAT”.

    In MLB news, they tried to have a Pride night and those white men said NAH and said we wont even wear a symbolic shirt. I aint heard one conservative man tell em that its their job and they need to do what the job tells them. Whole thing sickening if you ask me. MLB and most national mens sports dont have a good track record on LGBTQ issues so a lot of these Pride events being run by these orgs feel hollow to me at least. But that aint my lane and I get it if folks enjoy those events.

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