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#Walking FTWD: Season 7: 16: Gone

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.

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  1. Sean

    Thanks for the breakneck speed reviews this season!

    This episode was interesting, with the return of Madison, the precursor to the Padre reveal, and the introduction and demise of the Klan…

    Just wanted to clarify some pre-Morgan chronology…

    The Clarks started in s01e01.
    They were joined by the Salazars in s01e02 when they hid in Daniel’s barber shop after escaping the military protection zone. [Daniel has a lower episode count as he took a couple episodes off for Season Three (assumed burned to death in Season 2 finale) and all of Season Four off (assumed to have died when Strand blew up the damn). In Season 5 he was in only about half the episodes as he was basically a hermit.]
    Later, in s01e06 they came across Strand, and used his boat to flee to Mexico.

    The Amina tape is a callback to s04e08 where Al and Madison met in a flashback. Alicia found the tape in that episode as well.

    Madison has met Charlie, Luciana, June (as Naomi), and Al (before she joined the group),

    That’s all I can remember, I hope that clarifies the status and relationships of characters a little. The season 1 cast remaining are Alicia (if she comes back), Daniel, Strand, and now Madison. Strand was technically a guest star in s01, but he counts. I will go back and add episode numbers before posting to be more specific.

    As always, great work and keep #Walking.

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