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2550: It’s The Financial Freedom For Me

Rod and Karen are joined by Rod’s dad to discuss gardening, Hershel Walker, Chris Rock turns down hosting the Emmy’s, Drake doesn’t care if you don’t like his album, father drives into crowd of kids, gas thief sets himself on fire, monkeypox sex guidance, impromptu jury selection, Kim K didn’t damage dress, GM renting cars on the moon, Juneteenth threats, Obama compared to monkeys in school assignment, American running out of fries to export, William Peace university considering name change, Black Capitalists, man steals ambulance, man arrested in cow onesie, kid spends 2 nights in the woods and sword ratchetness.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    I love when your parents are on, Rod. I can always tell where you got your humor. Its a nice tradition. Your Dad has that smooth cat daddy voice.

    Just an all around good episode. Thanks

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    It’s so funny how things work. Today, I listened to the Father’s Day episode with your Dad, which was great as always. You mentioned that you were on another podcast, I can’t recall if it was Three Guys On or Fiyah Starter, and you received a dismissive comment from a listener for still discussing the Will Smith/Chris Rock, Oscar incident. To support your assertion that the act was a big ass deal, the following happened at the high school I work at.

    One of the Safety Agents was playing around with some of the kids who were waiting to be called for their test. The kids were being silly, jokingly saying what they would do to the agent. The agent responded that he would “Will Smith” them. The teenaged boys each put their hand on their left cheek to mimic being smacked and tilted their heads much like Rock did. So yes, that moment was a big ass deal and remains so to the point where being “Will Smithed” is understood to mean smacking the hell out of someone.

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