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SMR 395: Spiderhead

Rod gives you a solo review of the action thriller, “Spiderhead.”

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    Not a huge bar, but I think this is one of the better screenplays director Joseph Kosinski’s been apart of. I like the concept, as lecherous as it is. Unfortunately, I wish the characters had more depth to them. We get so little background on them, as we’re spending time watching two people being “tested” to fuck for some non-descript porno. Also, we can admit that Chris Hemsworth has range. We don’t have to BS it anymore. Really enjoyed him in this. Same for Miles Teller, Mark Paguio (he plays the assistant to Steve) & Jurnee Smollet. I just wish there characters had more range than the surface-level stuff that we got. Had potential to be better than just “fine”.

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