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SMR 396: Interceptor

Rod does a solo review of the Impossible White Man film, “Interceptor.”



    Guess I liked this more than you did but i do agree that, it does have rough edges. The script is pretty much been-there-done-that with a lead who did what the screenplay asked of Elsa Pataky. She wasn’t, necessarily, good, but she was decent enough. I mean, it’s not everyday you see a person stick a gun part in someone’s eye. A point for ingenuity? One thing I will give Elsa & Kira, the film’s only female antagonist, that was a good fight. Her real name is Ingrid & she has done stunt work in numerous movies. Out of all the fights in this film, that one was the best structured. If this were in theaters, I might’ve hated it on sight, but I was mildly entertained, for what it’s worth. I’ve seen better Impossible White Man films, but I’ve seen much worse.


      I forgot to add a key problem with this film, besides predictable, B-movie screenplay. Seeing this is Matthew Reilly’s directorial debut, his rookie mistakes do show in some of the fights. He also wrote the script & needed to give Elsa better disses. Her trying to diss someone comes off as try-hard & weird. Again, seen worse, but, yeah, they can’t all be like Sam Hargrave’s Extraction (also, first-time director but he can choreograph & shoot action. He’s a Russo Brothers guy, btw).

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