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Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kyrie trade rumors, Hornets coaching talk, NFLPA will defend Deshaun Watson, Khari Willis retires to become a preacher, YASCAR merch, Sage Steele, FINA bans restricts trans swimmers, Dejounte Murray reconciles with father, Rondo has case dropped, Herro expecting baby number 2, Jaren Goff engaged, Gronk retiring, Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker break up, Coco Gauff, Michele Tafoya slams Le Batard Show, MJ declines pics, Red Bull Racing suspends racist, Iman Shumpert felt sorry for Khloe, Aaron Rodgers brother snubs him, Dan Snyder with the hoes, Bitcoin losses for players, Brittney Griner updates, KD slander and Juwanna Mann in real life.



    Hey Rod, Karen & Jelson Piquet Sr.

    Look man, when you have to explain away your racism, I don’t wanna hear excuses. I don’t even want to hear them from Max Verstappen, who’s the son-in-law & defending Formula 1 champion.

    So the backstory is this with Piquet Sr., he’s being interview about how Lewis Hamilton took out his son-in-law on the first lap of a race, last year. Hamilton later went on to win that event. This mofo proceeded to call him nigger in Portuguese during this interview. He tried to explain it in his apology, but I know what he meant. Today, Verstappen defended his dad with the Whitenessâ„¢ of greatest hits: “he’s not a racist”. He doesn’t think he should be suspended indefinitely & think he’s better having the conversation about this. Typical. White. Shit.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and the Jyrie Irving,

    I hope all is well.

    Justin, are you secretly running Kyrie’s Twitter account to reinforce how right you were about Brooklyn not working out? Regardless of if you are, I cannot *wait* to see what heat Kyrie is tweeting during the lockout that is definitely gonna happen cuz this shit is *wild*.

    I can’t even sing “Didn’t we almost have it all?” cuz the Nets really ain’t had shit but calamity and comedy the whole time Kyrie and KD been there. Kyrie ain’t wanna get vaxxed, was clocking in on Lauren Hill time and now KD wants a trade? Justin, I’ma need the Lakers to win some games next season so I can refer back to this nonsense as beneath LeBron James. Lakers really about to run it back with Russell Westbrook and his OSHA violation shot selection?

    And even as down bad as the Nets are (whole front office in shambles), they ain’t hire Jalen Brunson’s dad to sweeten the deal like a damn college like the Knicks. But the Knicks spending a shit ton of money for the next guard whose knees Thibs is gonna run down like grade school erasers means one thing: NBA offseason is in full swing! Did Bradley Beal sign for a enough money to call John Wall (remember him?) broke now?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend. It’s been a rough ass week and I hope y’all have had an enjoyable and peaceful time away from the mics. Shouts out to y’all for going hard in the PTO game.


  3. Slickbarber

    What up Rod, Karen, & Justin just wanted to comment on a few topics on the episode. My wife & I went to the Nascar race the Coca-Cola 600 a few weeks ago at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was the first race we’ve been to in 4 years and the first for us since the banning of the confederate flag. It felt good to go to the race and not see that racist flag. Now what we did see were a bunch of Let’s Go Brandon shirts & hats. We also saw a person wearing a “Joe & the hoe” shirt. In regards to Michelle Tafoya and her appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show, she wasn’t ambushed. She got called out by producers Mike Ryan & Roy Bellamy (Roy is black) for her dog whistling with the words she was saying. She also said her son is being taught in school that all white people are evil and wrong. When asked to give specific examples and if CRT is in the school curriculum she would never give an example and spoke in generalities. The interview turned into a shit show as Michelle tried to play victim & for most of it Dan let Mike & Roy conduct the interview. Thanks for the great show.

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