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SMR 397: No Time To Die

Rod and Karen review the final Daniel Craig, James Bond movie, “No Time To Die.” We also discuss your comments on our latest reviews.



    This is properly the middle-tier Bond film. Explores the best of the Daniel Craig-Bond films (Daniel Craig’s exemplary work humanizing Bond, set-pieces, stellar cast, visually stunning, direction) & the worst of them (weird MGS-style plot, milquetoast main bad guy & length). Then again, after the dumpster fire dogshit Spectre was, I’ll take this than that damn movie.

    Film did have a lot to tie up, so I commend the effort from the cast & crew to tie this up. While I didn’t like Rami Malek, I really, really like how they tightened the characters of Madeline Swan & Blofield. What was lacking in the previous film with them, surely was fixed here. Really liked the first two acts but it does fall apart in the third. I said in my Letterboxd review back in October, if they’d fix a few things here & there, it could rival Casino Royale but is just behind the underrated (and underappreciated) Quantum of Solace.

    So, if I had to rank these for me: Casino Royale, Skyfall, Solace, No Time To Die & Spectre in the damn trash. Happy they wrapped it up & Daniel Craig can do something else like Knives Out 2. He wrapped out a helluva legacy w/Bond. Props to a G.

  2. RoninRaphael

    I grew up on 007 and have watched them all. Pierce Brosnan was the first who I began to appreciate as an adult, but Daniel Craig won me over as the best the moment I watched a bootleg copy of Casino Royale back in Lagos. So although I didn’t go to the theater for No Time To Die, I rented it & felt it was a deserved send off to my favorite 007. The villain was meh, I only look at this film as a send-off for my faves. I await the reboot where colonialism finally pays off and a nonwhite Brit man is picked as 007. Hi I am James Adetunji Bond or HI I’m James Lee Bond …

    Give me an Indian British Bond! Haha

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