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2557: CSI Spicy

Rod and Karen discuss last week’s Supreme Court decisions, Ilhan Omar booed at concert, Romney rights op-ed, Sharks, bodega worker stabs man to death, Usher memes, Creflo Dollar reverses course on tithes, guns in public, Joey Chestnut chokes out protestor while winning hot dog eating contest, MI police chief apologizes for Black shooting targets, grocery store chains take pro-gun items off the shelves, racist Juneteenth sign, lewd packages sent on behalf of fired teacher, theft ring at Lowes, man rams pickup truck into home, man kills rooster and sword ratchetness.

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  1. rngulledge

    “Grandpappy! The chicken’s after me!” has to be the most country (and hilarious) thing I’ve ever heard. That man was fighting for his life & his family lol. Sometimes you just need to beat a chicken’s ass. He had no choice & did what he had to do. Not guilty!

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